• Dermal Piercing 101

    Dermal Piercing 101
    Dermal Piercings If you’ve been considering getting a dermal piercing, here are some facts and tips you should know. Dermal piercings are single point piercings. They're also referred to as microdermal piercings and transdermal implants. What makes them unique is that unlike the majority of piercings, dermal piercings don’t have a separate entrance and exit point. The piercing actually lays flat on the surface...
  • Daith Piercing 101

    Daith Piercing 101
    You may be asking yourself, what is this Daith piercing everyone has been talking about, and where is your Daith? Your Daith is located on the thick part of the cartilage in the inner ear, in line with the Tragus. The area is often referred to as the crux of the Helix. It’s also the hoop that hugs the cartilage on the inside of...
  • Tragus Piercing 101

    Tragus Piercing 101
    Tragus piercings are a super stylish and trendy way to extenuate your ears. Countless celebrities and influencers have flocked to the pierced tragus trend. As the curated ear becomes more popular, tragus piercings are a perfect option for those who are contemplating getting a new one. There are reports of tragus piercings helping people overcome headaches or migraines the way acupuncture can. Here’s some...
  • Helix Piercing 101

    Helix Piercing 101
    Helix piercings are growing in popularity all over the world. Here are some basic facts about Helix piercings. Helix piercings are a type of cartilage piercing that is placed along the upper inner or outer cartilage of your ear. There are many variations of this piercing. First, we will go over the different variations. Classic Helix Piercings are a single puncture in the outer...
  • Rook & Snug Piercings 101

    Rook & Snug Piercings 101
    Rook & Snug Piercings are all the rage right now. As the curated ear trend grows even more in popularity, so does the need for more unique & fun piercings. My favorite thing about the Rook and Snug piercings, and what makes them absolutely perfect to enhance your curated ear, is that its entrance and exit points are visible from the front of the...
  • Eyebrow Piercing 101

    Eyebrow Piercing 101
    If you are considering getting an eyebrow piercing, here are a few fun facts and tips regarding the piercing process. First, you may be asking yourself, what is an Eyebrow piercing? An Eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing with a separate entry and exit hole. The piercing itself sits perpendicular to your skin along your eyebrow. You always want to seek a reputable piercer...
  • Prolonging the life of your Jewelry

    Prolonging the life of your Jewelry
    How to care for your Body Jewelry Everybody knows the joy of purchasing new jewelry and getting to wear it out the first time. What happens after you take the jewelry off? Here are tips and tricks to prolong the life of your body jewelry 😊 The first tip for extending the life of your jewelry is simple, remember to stand over a counter...
  • Titanium Body Jewelry Benefits

    Titanium Body Jewelry Benefits
    As many with sensitive skin know, the quality of your jewelry can be of the upmost importance to avoid allergic reactions, both mild and severe. That is why we offer ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium Jewelry.  ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium is practically 100% hypoallergenic and differentiates itself from any other grade of Titanium, including widely available Grade 23 Titanium body jewelry. It’s a...
  • Ear Stretching Guide

    Ear Stretching Guide
    Your guide to Ear Stretching.
  • Different Plug Materials

    Different Plug Materials
    Check out all the different materials used to make Plug Jewelry!
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