The Unrivaled Benefits of 14 Karat Solid Gold Body Jewelry


Golden Healing: Harnessing the Healing Benefits of 14 Karat Gold

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Real 14k solid Gold body piercing jewelry LASTS! Maybe not forever! But even our oldest found Mummy was found adorned in pure solid gold that is still in-tact today! Real body jewelry and piercing enthusiast know that we want quality metal, durability, and longevity when it comes to our precious metal and jewels! Those with sensitive skin and skin allergies should still be able to get the piercings they want! Let's get into why 14 Karat Solid Gold triumphs all other metals in this week's BodyMod Blog! BM25 love's 14k gold body jewelry! From Threadless body jewelry to solid gold nose rings, we've got you covered!

 Pure Protection: Why 14K Gold is Ideal for Healing Piercings

Although most professional piercers use Implant Grade Titanium for initial piercings, 14 Karat Gold body jewelry is right up on the scale for hypoallergenic metals! Titanium is more cost effective but gold is meant to last! If you've had experience with irritation or infection in your piercings using stainless steel, its recommended to opt for 14k gold as your next option.

Some experience redness or itchiness even after a piercing is fully healed due to their sensitive skin. Due to the Nickel content in unlabeled jewelry and mixed metal pieces, many people tend to have allergic reactions when inserting their jewelry. To prevent this or to stop it from already happening, switch your jewelry out immediately and grab yourself a high quality metal piece of piercing jewelry. There are other options for sensitive skin like Implant Grade Titanium, and Bio-Flex, but obviously our 14karat Gold lasts the longest!

Rust-Proof Radiance: The Magic of 14 Karat Gold

Terribly tired of tarnish?! 14 karat Gold, takes care of that little issue! The real die-hard body jewelry and piercing enthusiast want jewelry we can wear in the shower and while swimming. Although chlorine definitely heightens the chance of rust or tarnish, that's less likely for 14k Gold. When adorning real gold in your piercings, you're able to wear your body jewelry without worrying about any coating coming off inside your piercing, much like the effect of wearing Steel or Silicone in the shower. Many of us piercing lovers love jewelry that gives us that "barely there" feeling. We eventually become our jewelry and piercings, making it our identity. No one wants jewelry that turns rust orange after a few showers!

 Seamless Switching: How Onefit™ Threadless Interchangeable Jewelry Simplifies Your Piercing Routine

We offer Threadless body jewelry options in 14k Solid Gold and Implant Grade Titanium for the perfect long lasting piece! Instead of dropping your ball and spike ends on the floor while trying to align the threaded screws just right, Onefit contains no threading. All Onefit tops and ends have a thin pin attached at the end instead of a screw. This makes aligning and putting together two pieces of jewelry that much more easier! Threadless body jewelry is held together by tension and is one of the easiest types of jewelry to put on!

 Our Onefit Collection of gold piercing jewelry is not only popular with Gold lovers! It's popular with individuals with multiple piercings! Because Onefit offers us piercing lovers an effortless way of changing up our body jewelry tops and ends! Instead of always buying new Labrets or Barbells, Onefit allows you to purchase interchangeable tops! NO matter the gauge or length, all Threadless Onefit pieces are interchangeable with each other! How cool! Just purchase one post for your piercing and you have the option of so many styles and designs for a more affordable price!

Young woman wears threadless body jewelry nose stud from bm25's onefit collection.

Gold by the Gram: Understanding the Worth of 14K Gold Body Jewelry

For centuries and even since ancient times, us humans have used Gold as a currency even though we now use it as gold piercing jewelry. Even now a day, you can go to your local pawn shop and easily sell any real Gold you own. Gold has a huge backing of collectors waiting for a rainy day. Because you can always melt down or sell gold to a pawn shop or Gold for Cash shop, this precious metal is worth more that an ear curation look. As the cost per gram of real gold fluctuates through time, people still collect Gold to spend or pass down in the future. 

No More Distortions: The Durability of 14K Gold

From Bendable Hoops to Nipple Barbells, we all can't stand when our jewelry warps out of shape! Because Gold, naturally is so durable, it doesn't bend easily. Once you bend your 14k Solid Gold hoop out of shape to fit your nose, it should easily go back to it's original circular form! Unlike many stainless steel bendable hoops that can get permanently misshapen or even bend and break. Although Steel is a commonly more affordable choice, individuals love investing in real Gold jewelry that will last them years.

Young woman wear 14k solid gold body jewelry in her ear curation

The Gold Standard: Why 14 Karat Gold is the Best Choice for Body Jewelry

We've told you the benefits, now try it for yourself! If you have an itchy piercing, or a piercing that just wont heal, 14k solid gold is your best bet. Durable, shiny, and long lasting, our 14 Karat Gold piercing jewelry is here to last you lifetimes. So is Threadless body jewelry! And if you figure out real Gold jewelry isn't for you, you can always melt it down to a ball and sell it to your local pawn shop!😂🤣

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