Spring Fever Fantasy: Dreamy Spring Body Piercing Jewelry

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Springtime Sparkle: Elevate Your Look with BM25's Dreamy Body Jewelry

Young woman wearing nature inspired body piercing jewelry from bm25.com

It's officially spring and we have sprung into our latest buzzing bee body piercing jewelry! What does spring time remind you of?! For us, its Bumblebees, Flowers, Butterflies, and Trees, because after all, those things flourish in the spring time! We want to share some nature inspired body jewelry in our shop and our pieces that just plain out scream spring fever! Including Bumblebee jewelry, butterfly barbells, and flower petal labret pieces!

Capturing the Essence of Spring with Bumble Bee Body Jewelry

Pollen is in the air, and that means our bumblebees are too! Collecting and feeding their hive with sweet spring honey! For the lover of bees, we have a huge selection of bumblebee inspired body piercing jewelry! One of our favorite and best sellers are our Honeycomb Glass Plugs! They start at 2ga (6mm) and go up to about 1" inch (25mm)! After 25mm, glass plugs tend to be heavier than most and can weigh your earlobes down a little more than you'd like to!

A cool bee-inspired plug that goes to higher measurements for our bold body mod crew, is our Wooden plug collection! Bees love to nestle in soft wood and even sometimes leave cute wood shavings outside their newly carved wooden homes! Our Wooden Plugs go up to over 3" inches (77mm) which is about the size of a small tree trunk! Talk about being close to nature! Wood is fun and customizable due to the various types of wood we use for our body jewelry. You can also carve your wood in some pretty amazing shapes too if Tunnel plugs aren't your thing!

No stretched ears? We still have bumblebee jewelry for you! We have our Honeycomb Plug Hoops that fit both stretched and non-stretched earlobes! Wear them through any pair of Tunnel Plugs or wear them as regular dangle hoop earrings! Body piercing jewelry is for everybody! Even those with classic earlobe piercings can wear almost any Labret, Hoop, or Circular Barbell!

Young woman wearing nature inspired jewelry with honeycome printed glass plugs for stretched ears
Bumblebee themed  body piercing jewelry and nature inspired jewelry from bm25.com

Embrace the Beauty of Spring with Butterflies

Not only are the bumblebees out, so are the butterflies! They must be besties! Honestly, we like to wear and rep our Butterfly Body jewelry all year long but today we want to share our favorites! This just in, our Gothic Butterfly Nose Studs are brand new! They're perfect for butterfly lovers and also perfect for those who rock any alternative styles! Our Butterfly Nose Ring collection goes on for days! If you're more of a classic cat, we have one of or best sellers, our Iridescent Abalone Shell Belly Rings! They're a minimal design with a touch of shine! Adorned in real natural Abalone Shell, these belly rings add the perfect touch of iridescent glow!

Β There are way too many to count, but our Butterfly Belly Rings have a whole category of its own! From 14 Karat Gold to Titanium and Steel body piercing jewelry, we have a Butterfly Belly Ring for your unique style! Feeling dark? Our Blackline Loop Belly Ring has you covered! Feeling colorful?! Our Vintage Boho Butterfly ring is glistening with colorful gems! Our Monarch Dangle Ring is more realistic! While our Golden Opalite Belly Ring glistens in iridescent hues! We could spend hours talking about every awesome butterfly belly ring we have so check them out for yourself and we bet you'll find a new favorite! We love our butterfly jewelry!

Four colors of bm25.com's butterfly flat back body piercing jewelry stud

Petals and Pearls: Channeling Spring Vibes with Floral Body Jewelry

Floral Scents and Floral styles are emerging. From blooming roses to pretty peony's, we love flowers all year round! Besides the flowers that grow in the ground, there are a few other pretty flowers blooming in our nature inspired jewelry realm. One of our all-time favorites is our Flower Opal Tragus Studs, so unique and so special! It has a gorgeous iridescent fire opal stud adorned in a gorgeous stainless steel array of flowers and pearls! Truly one of our most unique studs! And they fit in different piercings too like Tragus, Cartilage, Earlobes, Cheek Piercings and more! It just depends on how creative you can get with your piercings!

Is dainty body piercing jewelry more of your thing? We have the prefect stud for that! Or Rose Cartilage Earring comes in an array of different colors and also fits multiple piercings! Our classic Red Rose is our favorite but if its not yours, there's different colors to choose from for a perfectly customizable piercing curation! Another Minimalistic styled piece that's worth a big mention for such a tiny detail is our Flower Base Flat Back Stud Labret Parts! They give you the option to have a flower backing instead of the typical flat-backed labret! When wearing these in ear or cartilage piercings, the front will show your decorative labret top, and the back will show a cute little flower! or heart! or you can stick to a regular flat back for ultra minimalist style!

Bm25.com's  Adorable Flower Dazzle Opalite Sparkle Reverse Belly Button Rings

Have you Sprung for Spring Yet?: Get Ready with BM25.com!

Are you as excited for this season as we are? With all the pastels and bright colors, its no wonder the spring time brings us such a great energy! Did you find your next spring time statement piece?! Our nature inspired jewelry pieces are sure to shine! Was it our Butterfly collection? or maybe our bumblebee jewelry?! Whichever the choice, we know you'll rock our body piercing jewelry with confidence!

Make sure to show off your BM25 body piercing jewelry look and tag us so we can show you off! We love watching our customer's body jewelry hauls, reviews, and stylebooks! make sure to join in on the fun and subscribe to our Youtube for all the best body jewelry style tips!

Feel free anytime to message us any of your piercing or body modification questions to Hello@bm25.com or simply stop by any of our social media profiles!

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