Body Jewelry Size Guide

Size Conversion Chart

Gauge Inches  Millimeters
20g - 0.8mm
18g - 1mm
16g - 1.2mm
14g - 1.6mm
12g - 2mm
10g - 2.4mm
8g - 3.2mm
6g - 4mm
4g - 5mm
2g - 6.5mm
0 g - 8mm
00g - 10mm
- 7/16" 11mm
- 1/2" 12.5mm
- 9/16" 14mm
- 5/8" 16mm
- 3/4" 19mm
- 7/8" 22mm
- 1" 25mm
- 1-1/8" 28mm
- 1-1/4" 32mm
- 1-3/8" 35mm
- 1-3/4" 44mm
- 1-7/8" 48mm
- 2" 51mm

young woman with body modification gauge jewelry and facial piercing jewelry. use our size conversion chart to determine piercing size


Now you're a Piercing Pro!

Armed with this piercing size knowledge from our Body Jewelry Size Conversion chart, you're finally ready to embark on your journey into the world of piercing jewelry and body mods! Whether you're considering a new piercing or adding to your collection, the understanding of sizing, materials, and aftercare is undoubtedly crucial! It's always good to remember that every body is different with unique anatomy! As there are Standard Sizes for every type of body jewelry, sometimes the standard size wont fit perfectly for everybody. Finding the perfect fit will ultimately lead to a comfortable and fully healed piercing! Furthermore, embrace your individuality, express yourself and enjoy the artistry that comes along with adorning your body through modification jewelry!

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