Shop our 14K Solid Gold body jewelry collection to embrace luxury.  Crafted with exquisite precision and attention to detail, our 14K gold jewelry is designed to enhance your piercing experience with unparalleled elegance.

Made from only the finest real 14K solid gold, in yellow, white, or rose gold, our luxurious bod jewelry are not only visually captivating but also durable and safe for your piercings.  Our 14K gold collection includes belly rings, nose studs, internally threaded barbells, threadless flat back labrets, hinged clickers, and bendable hoops, to suit your personal style and preferences.  We stock every type of body jewelry, so be sure to browse through our amazing gold collection.  We are confident that you will always find the best suitable body jewelry for your piercing. 

From minimalist designs to the statement pieces, we cater to every taste in all spectrum.  Furthermore, our 14 karat gold collection is great for various occasions, from everyday wear to special events.  Heart, moon, star, gem, vintage, cross, flower, opal, and any other designs you need, you will find it with us.  Add a touch of luxury to your look, making a lasting impression wherever you go.

Explore our collection of 14kt solid gold body jewelry today and indulge in the classic beauty and luxury.  Let your piercing be a reflection of you.  Elevate your piercing game to a whole new level of style and glamour with our luxury line-up of body jewelry.

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