Shopping for ear gauge plugs?  Come discover a world of uniqueness and quality in our collection of plugs, ear weights, hangers and more.  Whether you are just starting out in the ear stretching journey or are a seasoned expert with heavily stretched earlobes, our plugs gauges and weights will meet your unique needs and preferences.

From eyelet flesh tunnels to hardcore ear weights, we offer a diverse selection of plug earrings in various sizes.  Starting as small as 18 Gauge (1mm) Faux plugs, all the way up to 3 inches (77mm) plugs, we cater to your ear stretching journey regardless of your size.  Explore an extensive range of styles, from single and double flared plugs to tunnels, teardrops, ear weights, tapers, spirals, and hangers. With our wide array of options, you'll always find the perfect style to complement your individual aesthetic.

You will love our ear gauge plug earrings, made with premium and quality materials.  We offer natural wood, stone, glass, silicone, steel, implant grade titanium, brass, bone, horn, and more. Each material offers its unique appeal, comfort, and style.

We believe that ear gauge plugs are not just functional.  They are also a form of self-expression. Our collection offers a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns to express your personal style. From natural tones to vibrant hues, minimalist designs to intricate details, our plugs and ear weights exist to express yourself.  Classic looks, goth Halloween vibes, vintage, floral, unisex, feminine, and masculine, we have the jewelry available in every style imaginable.

Shop with confidence, knowing that you are investing in ear gauge plugs that are built to last and look the finest.  Express yourself with our exceptional collection of ear gauge plugs and weights. Browse our wide selection and find the perfect plugs to freshen up your stretched ears.


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