Our Feature in Canvas Rebel Magazine Spotlights Piercing & Body Mod Culture


Beyond the Norm: Discover Bold Body Piercing Jewelry for Rebels

Young woman wears facial body jewelry and body piercing jewelry from bm25.comYoung woman wears facial body jewelry and body piercing jewelry from bm25.com

More friends are helping us revolutionize the piercing and body modification industry! Now more than ever to people wear piercings aside from the typical ear lobe piercings! If we cant revolutionize, we're more than happy spreading piercing knowledge and body piercing jewelry awareness to our community! Over at CanvasRebel.com, we we're able to get some more awesome information out about our company! At BM25, we're a crew passionate about piercings and spreading knowledge and creative ideas! Firstly, get to know us through Canvas Rebel Magazine online!

Rule-Breaking Accessories: Make a Piercing Statement with Your Body Piercing Jewelry

From Ear Curations to Stretched Nose Rings we're here to provide you with all your piercing and aftercare needs! Being a small business, we've grown much over the years but 2024 is our year to step up our game! We've been dedication ourselves to our piercing blog (like this one!) and gathering the best tips, information, and styles to have all in one piercing place...bm25.com!

 Overall, we want to reach out to the rebels, the stylish individuals who go against the grain, and all around just people who enjoy their piercings! Forgotten places on the body seem to find new love with adornment. Sometimes that little bit of extra aftercare and changing out jewelry can be a self-love journey and experience. Some people get piercings or body modifications to bring new attention to a place on the body that may bring the wearer a new found love for their lips, nose, eyes, chin, or anywhere else! Finally we have the resources to make ALMOST any modification come to life!

 BM25.com goes beyond being just a jewelry shop; it serves as a community hub for like-minded individuals who share a passion for body modification and non-conformity. The brand actively engages with its customers through social media, hosting events, and collaborating with local artists to create a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and celebrated for their unique style.

- CanvasRebel.com

Young woman wears facial body jewelry and body piercing jewelry from bm25.com for canvas rebel magazineScreencapture from Canvas Rebel Magazine Article about Bm25.com

Building Communities: Collaborating with Worldwide Creators to Spread Body Piercing Jewelry & Body Mod Understanding

   We work with creators from around the world! From collabs to affiliate relationships, we want to make body piercing jewelry, body jewelry tools, and body mod information to be as accessible as it can! From our creators out in France, to our Creators here in Los Angeles, were proud to have many different perspectives on our team! We want to have options and sizes for our Goth crew, but also a plethora of choices for our Minimalist crew.

The impact of BM25.com isn’t confined to the local scene alone. Its influence has spread far beyond the streets of LA and the South Bay, reaching a global audience that appreciates the intersection of body modification and self-affirmation. BM25 aims to be a global trendsetter, shaping the future of body modification culture worldwide.

- Canvas Rebel Magazine

When having body mods or stretched piercings, in particular, sometimes the options of larger sizes 2" (51mm) or larger become smaller and smaller and you go up in size. We are proud to carry sizes up to over 3" inches (77mm) and larger! With Options ranging from Silicone to Implant Grade Titanium, we want to offer comfortable designer body piercing jewelry with quality. Especially since now more than ever, people are stretching piercings aside from the usual ear piercings! How cool!

We talk about this a lot but slowly and surely, piercings are making its way into the modern day norm! As in, you wont get stared at on the street anymore for having stretched ears, also you wont be fired from your job for having a nose piercing. When you think about it, it wasn't that long ago that this was the standard way of thinking. We're so glad things have changed!

@officialbm25 🧿 🔮Embrace nature's beauty with our exquisite collection of natural stone and crystal body jewelry barbells, suitable for all piercings! 💎✨ Elevate your style with the timeless elegance and unique energy. Whether you're adorning your ears, nose, lip, or elsewhere, find your perfect match in our diverse selection! 🧿🔮 #BodyJewelry #Natural #CrystalFashion #bm25 #bodyjewelry #bodymods #barbells #curvedbarbell #horseshoebarbell #labradorite #stonejewelry #tigerseye #obsidian #piercings #piercingjewelry ♬ original sound - BM25 Body Jewelry


Ready to Rebel? Read the Article and Meet Your Piercing Posse!

If you have some time, check out the article and find out for yourself! Head on over to Canvas Rebel's online magazine and have a little 3 minute read! Also, feel free to message us all and any of your piercing, body modification, or body piercing jewelry questions! We're trained in piercing aftercare and preventative hygiene! Lets not have us walking around with Keloids in our nose and ear piercings or rejecting eyebrow barbells! Lets do piercings right so we can have them last a lifetime!

Young woman wears facial body jewelry and body piercing jewelry from bm25.com

Feel free anytime to message us any of your piercing or body modification questions to Hello@bm25.com or simply stop by any of our social media profiles!

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