Bling for Your Belly: A Guide to Belly Ring Fashion


From Classic Hoops to Dazzling Dangles: The Ultimate Belly Ring Guide

If you want to rock the coolest belly ring jewelry on the net, you need a Belly Button Piercing! Now, this isn't an at-home DIY project! Reach out to your local piercer and see which type of belly piercing is right for your anatomy! Maybe you can rock a rad reverse belly ring! or maybe a Belly Bar? or maybe a Classic Curved Barbell is right for you! Let's break down types of belly piercing body jewelry and the styles that fit you best!

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Belly Piercing Cost and Healing Time

After researching a local professional piercer, you should be already half way there! The average navel piercing, depending on your location, should be around $30 - $80. This cost also depends on jewelry. Maybe you'll opt for the Implant Grade Titanum for fast healing and hypoallergenic qualities, or maybe you might prefer 14karat Gold. After your piercing is fully healed, about 6-12 months, you can finally start switching your jewelry out for some funner designs! Get ready for the dangles, the gems, and the sparkles after you finally have a fully healed belly piercing!


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Top Down Chic: Elevate Your Piercing Style with Reverse Belly Rings

For those who want a unique style, a Top Down or Reverse belly ring should fit! Or for those whose anatomy suits it! Sometimes, those with larger stomachs use reverse belly rings as a more comfortable fit and less pinching when you bend or sit. These belly rings, like classic barbells, come in so many styles and vibes with so many different colors of metal or charms to choose from. Instead of the screw-on barbell being on top of the belly piercing, the screw-on ball end sits inside the belly button instead. This style has lead to so many wearers in love with a new comfortable fit!

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Inclusive Adornment: Bio Flex Belly Rings Catering to All Bodies

Next on our Belly Ring Guide is Bio-flex Belly Rings! Popular due to it's hypoallergenic qualities and flexibility! Instead of a Stainless Steel or metal barbell, the barbell is flexible and longer than average, giving swollen or bloated bellies the comfort they deserve! Because, if you went through this piercing, you deserve to rock your jewelry at every stage in your life! Many pregnant women will wear these for the length of their pregnancy because these rings usually stretch and flex to the shape of their growing bellies! Some individuals with naturally larger body types have also seen benefits of these rings. Being able to adorn piercings without having to be the body shape that can fit the typical barbell at 11mm. Bio-flex belly rings typically have an average length around 2.1 inch (53mm)!

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Classic Belly Piercing Barbells for Healed Piercings

We can't forget about our classic Belly Ring Curved Barbells for our Navel Ring Body Piercing Jewelry Guide! These rings have been shown on Television, Celebrities, and are the most common type of belly ring. These are the rings with two ends. Usually the screw-on ball end will be at the top of the navel and the decorative part hanging out of the belly button. Meant for healed belly piercings, these rings usually consist of Stainless Steel. Dangles, Chains, and extras usually impact the piercing healing process and not in a good way. They can ultimately lead to irritation, infection or piercing rejection! Yikes! That's why its always good to wait, and keep your initial piercing barbell in until fully healed! This is actually a good rule for all piercings not just the belly!

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Dare to Dangle: Body Jewelry You've Waited Patiently For

Finally on our belly body jewelry guide, lets get to the Dangle Belly rings! These are for healed navel piercings and are in the shape of typical belly barbells but with a jump ring or chain attaching a cute charm or jewelry piece. We say these types of body piercing jewelry are for healed piercings because the dangle chains and charms can end up rubbing or tugging on a healing piercing ultimately impacting your healing time! It even may never heal! Once you've endured the healing process, you can now have all the fun you want! Dangle belly rings, if worn for long periods of time, can snag on your shower towel or get hooked on your scarf, pulling on your piercing. Its important to be cautious and careful when wearing dangle belly rings for long periods of time! Dangle jewelry for belly button piercings from

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Belly Bliss: Finding the Perfect Body Jewelry Match for You

Now that we've read through the whole belly ring jewelry guide, which body jewelry style is fit for your piercing?! Maybe all of them?! If you don't have a belly button piercing yet, maybe this guide can convince you that they're not only for a specific body type or style, but they're for all bodies, ages, styles, and vibes! Show us how you style your Belly piercing jewelry for a chance to be featured on our blog, website, or social media pages!

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