Timeless Appeal: Exploring the Everlasting Charm of Classic Body Piercing Jewelry


Unveiling the Timeless: Classic Body Piercing Jewelry Styles Transformed for Today's Trends


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Body Piercing Jewelry Material Innovation: Buffalo Pinchers without the Buffalos

So, the Septum Piercing hasn't been around since the beginning of time, but it is an ancient piercing! People from various time eras and regions have proudly sported Septum Piercings, showcasing many variations. Ancient Tribes would wear Bone or Horn Carved Septum Jewelry, showing off their latest hunt or gathering. You may have seen ancient Septum Rings in the shape of a Buffalo Horn. It's almost similar to a letter 'U' shape. Now, most Septum Piercings live adorned in a Buffalo Horn or Horseshoe Barbell body jewelry piece. This type of ring has many variations from made of 14k gold or Titanium, or something more natural consisting of Abalone Shell or Wood. Overall this specific Septum Piercing Jewelry shape has outlived its creators. And now they live on the faces of many Septum Ring wearers alike!

In India, Septum and Nose rings became a classic body jewelry choice worn with pride and intent to show out! With gorgeous oversized golden hoops and adornment attachments, this beautiful style exudes popularity even today! Although not prevalent in the States, simplified versions of the style are all around the world. Our Chevron Septum inspiration for these pieces stems from ancient and classic piercing adornments. Wearing a heavy golden and spiked Septum Ring may not be deemed convenient by some (while others, it might!). Wearing a Triangle Pointed Clicker Hoop can demonstrate a more relaxed fit!

 Classic Septum ring piercing retainer in a modern colorline rainbow coloring from bm25.comChevron, Triangle shaped Hinged clicker ring body jewelry with classic Multi-gem finishBuffalo Pincher or Buffalo Taper used for Stretched Ear piercings or stretched Septum Piercings

Classic Charm, Contemporary Comfort: Ancient Belly Piercing Jewelry Reinvented

Classic Body jewelry belly ring clicker bar from bm25.com

Belly Rings aren't a new concept! But the body piercing industry is always coming up with new styles and designs that keep people feeling fresh, including us! Although Navel Piercings are ancient, its wasn't until around the 90's where a huge influence of pop stars and movie actresses with piercings began to rise! By then, nearly every teen pop star or celebrity had a belly piercing! Although the 90's and early 00's came and went, one trend did stick around for the ages, and that's belly rings! Belly piercings have always shown on Television and other media outlets being simple, minimal, and sexy. As Curved Barbells are the most widely seen type of belly ring, the Belly Bar had emerged as a new minimalist style way to adorn your belly piercing.

What is a Belly Bar? A Belly Bar, Clicker Ring, Navel Clicker, is a Hinged Ring, and very different from a Captive Bead Ring, a Curved Barbell, or a Clicker Hoop. Belly Piercing Clickers have less of a chance of tugging onto your shower towel or catching on your jacket. Ouch! This modern take one of the most classic piercings of all time just got a little more comfortable! Pssst.. you can also wear these as eyebrow or lip piercing jewelry!

Iconic Simplicity: Timeless Nose Studs as the Perfect Hoop Alternative

Nose Jewelry in general has been around for centuries, especially the ever so popular, Nose Studs! Nose adornment, a classic jewelry statement worn around the world!  Now, there are many variations of the nose studs, going from L-shaped studs to Nose Pins. When choosing a nose jewelry option, always keep comparability in mind! Those with fresher piercings may opt for the nose pin option due to a less abrasive piercing entry, and a painless exit. Some with healed piercings may go for a Curved Stud or Labret for their nose piercings instead.

Now a day, nose piercings and nose studs have many different styles, but don't confuse these studs with nose rings or nose hoops! The art of jewel adornment is deeply rooted in many cultures. As some nose jewelry is reserved for special events or occasions, simple nose studs are an everyday look! You'll see Nose studs right up there with belly rings in popularity! Now a day, nose studs can contain multiple gems (multi-gems), fun metal decals like animals or bumblebees, and come in any color your heart desires.

Young woman with a nose stud next to bm25.com's collection of curved end nose studs made in implant grade titanium

Classic Charm, Modern Impact: The Timeless Appeal of Body Jewelry

As we look into the past, well find many of our every day items are inspired from ancient ways. Gold and Silver may have stuck around for the long run but there are so many other style that have become classics! We are people of innovation and are looking for ways to better the piercing and modification community every day! If you're a piercing pro or a piercing lover, you may even have the next trendy piercing style or invention cooking up already!

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