Splash-Proof Fashion: Why Silicone Body Jewelry is Perfect for Physical Activities


Stay Active, Stay Stylish: The Versatility of Silicone Body Jewelry

Young woman working out, wears a pair of Silicone Body Jewelry Gauges from BM25.com

Terribly tired of tarnished body jewelry? Here are a few safe options for your piercings if you're a workout junkie! Swim instructor? Yoga teacher? Silicone piercing jewelry helps keep your gauges at size, safe, and comfortable! After a while, even Gold jewelry can tarnish from heat, water, and sweat. Here's why silicone is the best option for our sporty Piercing Posse!

From Poolside to Mountain Peaks: Silicone Body Jewelry for All Your Adventures

Believe it or not, Chlorine from swimming pools aids in the tarnishing of body jewelry no matter the metal material! And most of the time, the damage is irreversible! If you don't want your 14 Karat Gold Labret to turn a shade of rust, switch the jewelry out before swimming! Switch it out for a Bio-Flex retainer or a pair of Silicone Gauges! Because Silicone and Bio-Flex are considered Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, they are perfect alternatives for active activities like swimming and hiking! They wont leave color stains on your skin when wet and will keep your piercings in check all day long!

Silicone for healed piercings are one of the most popular materials for Gauge and Plug jewelry. Not just for stretched ears, but they're great for all piercings that are stretched including nostrils, lips, and more. Stretched ears are just the most well-known in the body modification realm! They're widely used and quite common due to their affordability, being one of the lowest cost materials for body jewelry on the market. Although they're cheaper to make, don't let that defer you from seeing the benefits of a well-made Silicone piece!

Durable and Delicate: The Beauty of Silicone and Bio-Flex Jewelry

Three Bio-Flex material Septum Piercing Retainers in Baby blue, pink, and purple from bm25.com

Not only are Silicone and Bio-flex materials safe for sensitive skin, but they are lightweight and soft to the touch! They're flexible which means they're comfortable to sleep on. Many people use these flexible materials for piercings in unusual placements like the side of the face, top of the cartilage, nose piercings and more. Because they're one of the lightest gauge materials, many people with gauge sizes over 1/2" and even smaller will most likely have a pair of Silicone Plugs in their collection!

Make sure to clean your Silicone and Bio-Flex material body jewelry often like you would your 14karat gold or Titanium jewelry. Wash with warm water and mild soap without scrubbing or scratching the jewelry. Because Silicone is also porous by nature, it can hold on to bacteria and germs! So regular cleaning and disinfecting are ideal! They may be perfect for gymnastics but if you're not cleaning the sweat off your jewelry afterward, you're not getting the best out of your body jewelry.

Comfort and Style: Why Silicone Jewelry Could Be Your Next Favorite Accessory

Now that you know all about the benefits and fun of Silicone gauges and Bio-Flex body jewelry, do you think you'll benefit from them in your life? Many people like to wear this jewelry in the gym, while training, or just plain because they look cool! Take a look at all the styles available and we're sure we've got your vibe in stock! Just make sure to clean them off once in a while!

Four Silicone body jewelry Gauge Plugs for stretched ears in black, white, pink, and mint green all from bm25.com


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