From Goth to Minimal: Perfect Presents for Your Bestie's Unique Style


Diverse Delights: Body Jewelry to Suit Every Bestie's Taste and Style

Are you and your Bestie completely opposite styles? Maybe you have cute ribbons in your hair and your best friend keeps their head shaved. Either way, you know them best and we're here to help you find the coolest body jewelry items for every style and vibe! These are our piercing style guides as well as mood boards when looking for body jewelry for yourself or someone else! Let us inspire you as much as you inspire us!

Mystical and Mysterious: Captivating Gothic Body Jewelry Inspirations

 Here's for our Goth gals and ghouls! Now, there are many sub-genres of Goth but in this style guide, we are going for the classic looks. Starting with Pentagrams, Blackline body jewelry, and Crosses of course! Classic Goth style consists of Black or dark colors with an occult-like feel. One of our best sellers is our Bat themed pieces like our Bat Ear Weights and our Bat Saddle Plugs! This truly created a unique but also classic piercing style. When you search "Blackline" on our website, you'll see all the black Titanium and Steel Body Jewelry that we have in stock including our Black Septum Barbells or Clickers and all of our unique occult inspired designs!
Gothic Styled Body Jewlery Style Guide from

Gentle Glamour: Exploring the Allure of Coquette Body Jewelry

Here's for the Lana Del Rey girls with ribbons in their hair and pink on their feet! We love the dainty and soft styles of the Coquette style that's been gaining popularity. The vibe consists of Soft accessories like bows and ribbons along with soft colors including pastels. Now, there is no right or wrong for styles, only vibes! When Googling the term Coquette, you'll see a plethora of TikTok girls wearing flirty dresses, and summer themed accessories. Because of course Coquette Crusaders love the summer time! One of our favorite body jewelry pieces for this style is our Heart Rose Belly Ring that just looks so gentle and comes in so many cute soft colors. Another top contender for this style guide is our Dainty Bow Belly Rings which feature a gorgeous metal woven bow along with a dangle gem for that perfectly sexy cute glistening glow!
Coquette Styled Body Jewlery Style Guide from

Less is More: Embracing the Essence of Minimalist Minimal Style

Minimalist style is the classic of the classics! It consist of minimal body jewelry like simple ball ends without any additional stones, gems, or designs. This look is classic and is also for those who don't want too much attention on their piercings, but instead a subtle air of sexiness to their piercing style! One of our top minimal pieces is our Curved Bar Belly Clicker. Its not the traditional belly ring design but it's new and innovative design appeals to minimalist of all kind. Whether you lean more towards a pop princess or a punk prince, styles of all kind can appreciate a few minimalist pieces!

Minimalistic Styled Body Jewlery Style Guide from

Unleash Your Rebel Spirit: Exploring Punk Rock Body Jewelry Style

Punk Rock and revolutionary edgy styles have been around for decades and is always changing! Back in the day, more common punks would be wearing loud styles and eye catching hair. They still do today but its just a little more refined! Punk rock style can consist of bright color schemes, death and skull inspired pieces, and pieces that make statements. Meaning a lot of the time, punks like to show what they stand for on their clothing or jewelry. Know for going against the grain of society, this style is meant to stand out!
Punk Rock Styled Body Jewlery Style Guide from

Vibes Over Rules: Embracing Style Guide Freedom

Remember, these aren't strict guidelines to piercing style, these are just our favorite suggestions! There's no wrong or right to style only vibes! We have to always remember that style and beauty is subjective so just do what makes you happy and confident in this lifetime! We love putting together style guides but which body jewelry style should we put together next?! Leave us a message on any of our social media profiles or even give us a Direct Message to get a super secret discount code for your next order! Feel free anytime to message us any of your piercing or body modification questions to !



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