Tools of the Trade: Making Piercings Accessible to All


Piercing Precision: The Impact of Body Jewelry Tools for Comfort and Accessibility

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How many times have you panicked after hearing something small dropping on the floor?! Was it your ball or spike end to your piercing jewelry?! We have a little solution for our fellow piercing posse! Piercing Tools and Pliers are useful in more ways than one! These are ideal tools for a person with longer nails as well as disabled bodied people who may find it hard to screw-on jewelry ends. Especially our Piercing Ball Removal Tool! No long nails? These tools are still extremely helpful for people with piercings including us here at!

Accessibility in Piercing: How Piercing Tools and Pliers can Empower People with Long Nails or Disabilities

We have Pliers for closing clicker rings as well as opening them. We also have bending pliers for customized fits and for bendable hoops. One of our most popular is our Piercing Ball Remover tool. It allows you to easily screw on and off the ends of your body jewelry. This tool is ideal for those with long nails or physical disabilities. Some people have a naturally lighter grip than others and can struggle with clamping clicker rings or inserting their nose rings in. Piercings deserve to be enjoyed by everyone and everyone deserves to be able to put on their body jewelry with ease and comfort!

 If you're someone who has been avoiding getting any of your desired piercings because of the hassle of changing jewelry, our tools should be in your life! Life is too short to not do what you want and we're here to tell you that piercings are for everyone!

Watch how @dangitmattie uses their BM25 Piercing Ball Removal Tool from

Ball end removal tool from  "This Bead Holder by @officialbm25 is a game changer! No this wasn't sent to me, I went out of my way to buy it and review it!I

I was a bit skeptical at first, but I can see this as a must-have item if you have body mods The ONLY issue I had was that very small beads (smaller than average size?) are hard to hold and twist onto your piercings.

Otherwise it works like a charm !I'd give the product an 8.5/10!"

"This is a must-have item if you have longer nails, have sweaty hands, or even have a hard time screwing on beaded jewelry!

One thing I always dreaded when putting on beaded jewelry was losing the ball of my piercings the second I dropped it.

Since I've bought this item, I've genuinely enjoyed wearing beaded jewelry again! It will NOT let go of the ball until you physically take it off. That's what I absolutely love about it. I couldn't recommend it enough!"



We ran a poll on Instagram to see how many people are using piercing tools! It looks like the majority of our Piercing Posse has one of our piercing jewelry tools!

Instgram poll "Do you own any piercing tools from bm25?" 67% say yes of course. 33% say no but I want them. 0% says they see no need for the tools

Beyond Limitations: Exploring the Benefits of Piercing Tools for Everyone

 Besides losing your jewelry, sometimes just opening and closing hinged pieces takes a little more strength to pull apart. Sometimes because of that, we end up scratching our new body jewelry or even breaking it. Our Closing and Opening Pliers help with just that. The most commonly used body jewelry pieces are Captive Bead Rings and Seamless Clicker Rings. You can use those in almost any piercings so they're widely used.

People resort to using household items like scissors or rubber bands to try to take off their body jewelry rings and sometimes, more than other, it ends up bad. Whether you scratch your jewelry or break it, that's just the name of the game sometimes when you have piercings. Our Pliers help prevent you from having to buy so many replacement pieces as well as keeping the jewelry you have secure and scratch-free! Our pliers help you get into tight spaces so no more hurting your nose taking off clicker nose hoops! and also no more breaking nails changing your jewelry!

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Now you've got the picture on Piercing Pliers!

Not a lot of people know about these wonderful tools! Mostly because your piercers don't use them on customers! They can often carry bacteria or one person's DNA to another on the tool itself. These tools are ideal for personal use only and should still be thoroughly cleaned. There are options for Disposable Pliers that can be thrown out after using them on yourself or someone else for ultimate hygienic practices! These tools work wonders when dealing with an initial piercing and can ultimately smooth over the piercing process! For fresh piercings, we suggest you use the disposable tools instead of the Stainless Steel ones, so you can dispose of any mess every time. For at home, healed piercings, these pliers and tools come in  handy for personal use!

Everyone deserves to have a seamless experience with their piercings or body modifications! If you have a physical disability and would like to try our tools with your mods and piercings, don't hesitate to send us an email at!

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