Metal Matters: Tips for Choosing Hypoallergenic Piercing-Friendly Jewelry for Sensitive Skin


Listen to Your Ears: Choosing the Right Metals for Sensitive Skin

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 Keloids?! Not here! Get to know what jewelry metals are safe for your fresh piercings and maybe find some new pieces for your healed ones! We're going to get into what hypoallergenic body jewelry you should be using in your new piercings to avoid Keloids, infections, irritations and rejections! Any of these things can happen when a fresh piercing has not been taken care of! Meaning hygiene routines, regular cleanings, avoiding abrasion on the piercings and of course metal choices! Below are some top choices for piercings and body jewelry for sensitive skin.

Navigating Piercing Care: Stainless Steel and Healing Piercings

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One of the most commonly used metals for body jewelry is Stainless Steel. Your piercer most likely wont be piercing you with Stainless Steel, but when you're piercings are fully healed, there are a plethora of Stainless Steel choices to choose from! And they're affordable too! Steel is one of the cheaper options for body jewelry. Fully healed piercings have less of a chance of irritation or infection from Stainless Steel.

People with naturally sensitive skin may feel these irritation affects even after a piercing fully healed. If you experience any irritation or reaction to Stainless Steel, take the jewelry out immediately and replace it with one of the more hypoallergenic options like 14k Gold or Implant Grade Titanium

Looking at generic places that sell body jewelry like Temu or Amazon, most of their body jewelry will be made of this material, many times including Nickel. There are so many choices for every type of piercing in the Stainless Steel material! Unfortunately sometimes you wont find the design you love in Stainless Steel in any other hypoallergenic metal materials. We also recommend staying away from buying anything you insert into yourself from Amazon or Temu!

Golden Standards: The Safety of 14K Gold Jewelry for Fresh Piercings

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14k Gold can be pricey but its definitely worth the longevity and comfort of 14 karat jewelry. 14k Gold is available in White Gold if you prefer a silver look. It also comes in Rose Gold and Blackline for a customized look! As you may find there are not as many options for hypoallergenic body jewelry as there is for Stainless Steel, you'll find that all the basic barbells and rings of course come in 14k materials! As your number one Piercing Posse, we also have one of the largest selections for 14Karat Gold Body Jewelry for our Sensitive Skin piercing lovers!

Titanium Triumph: Prioritizing Hypoallergenic Safety and Comfort for Your New Piercing Jewelry

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 One of the top piercing materials is Implant Grade Titanium! You may find that your local piercer has a multitude of Titanium piercing jewelry for your initial piercing! That's because Implant Grade Titanium is one of the safest materials for fresh piercings. Its a hypoallergenic metal and has less of a chance of tarnishing overtime, just like 14k gold. Implant grade Titanium can come in Black, Platinum, Rose Gold, and Golden hues to fit your style or piercing curation! Titanium is one of our favorite metals as well, that's why we have an unbelievable selection of Implant Grade Titanium! All piercings deserve to be adorned how YOU want it, that's why we have body jewelry for every kind of piercing made in our hypoallergenic implant grade titanium!

 How Your Understanding of Hypoallergenic Body Jewelry Metals Shapes Your Journey

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Now that you know a few hypoallergenic choices, its also important to know that the metals you choose for body jewelry ultimately affects your piercing journey! From your piercing being itchy all the time, to "barely there", your material choice makes all the difference! So are you ready for that new piercing?! We got all of your sensitive skin body jewelry needs covered! Feel free anytime to message us any of your piercing or body modification questions to or simply stop by any of our social media profiles!

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