Cartilage Couture: A Guide to Styling Your Piercings with BM25 Body Jewelry


 Radiate Confidence: How to Rock BM25 Body Jewelry in Your Cartilage Piercings

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Earscapes and Ear Curations are an art form that is rising in popularity in the past few years. In our last blog entry, our social media followers ranked cartilage pain as the worse piercing pain! Those piercing include the Daith and Helix piercing! If you took the dive and discovered that the one-time piercing pain is worth it, here are some Earscape and curated ear ideas you can try with our body jewelry! Overall, remember with piercings, the more, the merrier, and the more styles you're able to execute!

Unlocking Your Style: Tips for Creating a Personalized Ear Curation and Earscape

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 First things first, you need a piercing! Most people especially in the western world, start off with the initial bottom lobe piercing that we commonly see. From there on, the next piercing is up to you! Some people opt for the common single top cartilage piercing. Some people get two piercings to start wearing Industrial bars at the top.

A piercing that is increasing popularity now a day is the Daith and Helix Piercings! The Daith piercing requires a barbell passing through the ear' inner cartilage fold and the end of the Helix. The most popular barbell used in this piercing is a Circular or Captive Ring Barbell. The Helix piercing is a piercing made to the upper cartilage of the ear. There are many forms of this piercings and depending on the styles you want to portray you may want this piercing lower or higher on the ear cartilage end.

In our last blog, many of our customer and affiliates said that these were to two top painful piercings due to the thick cartilage and many nerve endings in those areas. This pain is due to the needle passing through many layers of the cartilage and can be a tougher pass through than say a nose piercing or lip. People who have cartilage piercings most of the time say they are worth it due to all of the cute, common, and affordable accessories available to adorn yourself with. Let us show you a few more ideas to get your Earscape going!

 Sparkle & Style: Enhancing Your Look with BM25 Body Jewelry for Cartilage Piercings

 You've got the piercing now lets get you the style! One of the coolest and edgiest looks is the dangle Labrets that also fit in many other piercing placements. Having a threaded labret in your ear piercings makes them just that much more secure and lowers the risk of them falling out or snagging. Our new favorite is the Crescent Moon Dangle Labret! There is something about a Chain adorned Earscape that looks so unique! One of our newest Chained Labrets is a Hidden Helix Labret! What is that? Its a Labret that has a dangle chain that is meant to look like the chain is hanging from your ear without a barbell. It gives a little bit of an illusion and is fun to use in different pierced spots! 

Daring Dangles: Embrace Uniqueness with Edgy Cartilage Jewelry

We are all about our dangle! From Dangle Tragus jewelry to Dangle belly rings we love our dangle body jewelry! Dangle jewelry on the ear looks especially intricate and special! Sometimes it also give the illusion of having more than one piercing in an area when you really don't, for example, our Hidden Helix Labret! Many people adorn their Ears with multiple studs, and a Dangle Chain Labret as the main show! When you adorn on of these sweet chained Labrets, it really does become an eye catcher for everybody who sees your curated ear!

Images of a Cartilage Dangle Labret with a Celestial Theme from BM25.comYoung woman styles Ear Curation Earscape with Celestial themed body jewelry labrets from bm25

Complete Your Look: Body Jewelry Sets for the Perfect Earscape Curation

Want to save some cash while adorning multiple ear piercings? We also have many carefully currated ear labret packs handpicked by the BM25 team! Some of the most popular Ear Curation packs are our Fire Opal sets with gorgeous rainbow hues of fire opal! Fire Opal makes any Earscape that much more magical! Another popular choice is our Stone labret packs that come in an assortment of different crystal and stone tops! This is one of the simplest ways to adorn your ears in a hurry! Fast and affordable, some people use these as backups when they lose a stud or any other body jewelry. People also love these body jewelry packs because it gives you a chance to try on different colors or styles without breaking the bank for your curated ear!

Earscape styling option for curated earEarscape styling option for curated earEarscape styling option for curated ear

Picture-Perfect: Visualizing Your Ultimate Ear Curation or Earscape

 Now that you know what style possibilities are amongst you, what does your perfect Earscape look like? We recommend you work with a respected peircer on your perfect curation! your piercer will let you know if you anatomy is right for a certain piercing or if the jewelry you desire will be right for a certain area. Never be shy to ask your local piercer anything! Feel free to ask us about any questions related to our piercing jewelry! We want you to ultimately feel confident and stylish in your ear curation!

Did we help you create your perfect Earscape already?!

We'd love to see and show you off! Send us any content or reels featuring body jewelry for a chance to be featured on our website, our blog, and our social media profiles! We absolutely love seeing how you style your piercing jewelry! Finally, for more ideas and Earscapes, be sure to stop by any of our social media profiles!

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