Flying Solo this Valentine's? Pamper Yourself with BM25 Body Jewelry


Flying Solo this Valentine's? Pamper Yourself with BM25 Body Jewelry

Young woman wears BM25's Butterfly Nose PinYoung woman wears a currated Earscape using BM25 body jewelry
 Flying solo this Valentine's Day? Not to worry! It's just another excuse to pamper and treat yourself while everyone is out waiting hours for restaurant reservations! We have a few cute feel-good Valentine jewelry items to share with you that are in fact some of our favorites! You cant beat a little treat for yourself when the time strikes! No piercing for piercing body jewelry treats?! We'll maybe its about time you get that piercing you've always wanted as well!

Boost Your Brilliance: Sparkle Body Jewelry - The Ultimate Valentine's Day Confidence Boost!

Butterfly Flatback Studs from BM25 jewelry in gold, rose gold, black, and silver

Sweet and sugar, dainty and cute is what we're feeling today on Valentines day! And that means sparkles and soft colored body jewelry! Our Butterfly Sparkle Labret Stud is the perfect mix of a dainty design and also comes in four different metal colors! Match it with our Butterfly Nose Pins for the sweetest vibes! Spring is right around the corner so we're definitely pulling out the butterflies! We strive for confidence and something about a sparkly new piece of body jewelry just makes us feel fearless! This doesn't go for just the women but all genders alike! Traditionally, Valentines day is all about the girls (so they say) but honestly hearts and butterflies are for everyone! Never feel hesitant to rock a dainty piece of jewelry in fear of an overly-feminine look, dainty pieces can be actually quite luxurious looking!

Be Your Own Valentine: Spoil Yourself with a Sexy New Belly Ring!

Valentines day themed belly ring body jewelry from

Another feel-good body jewelry piece this valentines day is our heart shaped belly rings! Navel piercings are one of the most classic piercings in the book! Looking down at a cute belly ring can ultimately raise your confidence! Belly piercings traditionally are considered sexy and intimate and adorning your own without any help can make you feel that much more powerful! This rule goes with any piercings actually! Treat yourself to a new valentines gift to yourself! From something more silly to 14k white gold, there are so many choices on our site! Plus with our special code VALDAY , you can get an extra 30% off your order just for today!

Indulge in You: New Body Jewelry Treats for Valentine's Day, Solo or Not!

Whether your flying solo this valentines day or enjoying it with somebody special, this day is meant for a little treat! After the Winter holidays, sometimes we find that we disconnect with ourselves and tend to think about others more for the while. We use this day not only to recognize our loved ones, but also ourselves! Take the time today to give yourself a little treat today whether its a sweet morning treat, and extra coffee, a good meal, a new shirt, or even some BM25 Body Jewelry!
"Self-care is how you take your power back."
– Lalah Delia

  An arrangement of Heart shaped valentine day themed nipple barbells for nipple piercings from BM25Model with intense makeup wears facial body jewelry from bm25An arrangement of heart shaped and valentines day themed body jewelry around the logo

With our special code VALDAY , you can get an extra 30% off your order! Expires 2/15/24!

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