Adorn Yourself: Freshen Up Your Look with Our Latest Body Jewelry Additions!

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Shine Brighter: Introducing Our Newest Body Jewelry and Mod Accessories!

Young woman wears Nose body jewelry hoop from bm25

Hello to our loyal BM25 Baes, we thank you for waiting! We've just updated our body piercing jewelry and body modification selection with the coolest custom jewelry of the season! One thing we're really big on this month is Labrets! We just uploaded tons of new ones to our selection! Our favorites are coming right up!

Cutting Edge Chic: Elevate Your Piercings with Dagger Body Jewelry

We've been digging shades of Silver and Platinum for the upcoming spring! One of our faves is the Swords Series which features swords with cute gems like fire opal! They're so cute but also edgy and gothic! You can match your piercing body jewelry with a Dagger Opal Labret, along with our Sword Sparkle Nipple Barbells, then top it off with a Double Dagger Septum ring! We've also seen people adorning these labret in nose piercings, giving a truly fierce look.

Dagger and sword themed nipple barbell body jewelry from bm25

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 Sparkle and Shine: The Irresistible Charm of Mult-Gem Body Jewelry

Let us show you some of our staff top picks for this season! The Implant Grade Titanium Blackline Butterfly Sparkle Internally Threaded Flat Back Stud Labret is one of our most unique! Its pure Black Titanium and features multi-gem butterfly wings that have hues of the rainbow in it! Green, orange, and purple are the most vibrant colors in this gem and its not so often you see that combo of glistening gems! Easily a top favorite for us here at BM25! It also comes in Silver Titanium, Yellow Gold Titanium,  and Rose Gold! You can find Belly Rings, and other unique Labrets with this gem hue all over our site!

Implant Grade Titanium Blackline Butterfly Sparkle Internally Threaded Flat Back Stud Labret body jewelryImplant Grade Titanium Sparkle Dangle Array Internally Threaded Belly Ring body jewelryBlackline Titanium Labret Body jewelry from bm25

 Thanks for checking out our Carefully Currated Selection!

When it comes down to it, we try to pick the very best items that should go into our shop. We reach out to people who hand-carve our body jewelry and we reach out to artisans. BM25 has a team of trend setters that are passionate about piercings as well as adornment body jewelry! We hope you enjoy our update! Lastly, if you do, leave us a comment and let us know which were your favorite!

Check out our newest arrivals!

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