Behind the Needle: BM25 Followers Rate Piercing Pain


Behind the Needle: BM25 Followers Rate Piercing Pain

Screencapture of the BM25 Instagram Story where we asked our followers to answer our piercing pain question

Recently, we ran a short survey on our Instagram asking our followers, what was your most painful piercing on the pain scale?! You'll never guess what people said was the most painful! Again, this was only a few dozen who answered our question but here are the results for the answers we got! At first we thought either Nipple Piercings or Dermal Piercings were going to win in the category of most painful but evidently not! Always remember that every body is different and whats painless to you may be on top of the pain scale to someone else! Finally, here are the piercings that our BM25 fans rated from least painful to most painful!

BM25's Pain Pyramid: Ranking Piercings from Bearable to Brutal

1. Medusa Piercings 8/10 Pain

Medusa upper lip piercings were voted as the least painful according to our social media followers! More people described other piercing placements as being more painful. Medusa Piercings require piercing the upper lip skin usually in the center, right underneath your nose. The lip area is naturally a little sensitive so we understand why this is one of the first painful piercings mentioned!

2. Nipple Piercings  9/10 Pain

A close second on the list, Nipple Piercings have always know to be more painful than others. Because the areola is a thin tissue as well, this piercing is known to be tender to the touch for the first couple of days which can be overall high on the pain scale. This varies from person to person, but our followers ranked this as 2nd least painful!

3. Jestrum Piercings 11/10 Pain

BM25 instagram follower rates jestrum piercing as most painful on the piercing pain scale

Jestrum Piercings require the barbell penetrating the lip itself. Evidently, these piercings have a higher pain level and we know why! This skin tissue is thick and has many nerve endings, hence its quite sensitive! The Jestrum Piercing requires piercing an entry point in the Philtrum (where the Medusa piercing is located) and an exit point through the upper lip itself.

4. Cartilage Piercings  11/10 Pain

Who would have thought?! Most of our followers said that piercings on the ear cartilage were the most painful including the Daith and Helix piercings! Daith and Helix piercings require a barbell going through the inner cartilage of the ear usually on the upper part of the ear. The Daith is a piercing passes through the ear's innermost cartilage fold, closer to the face. Both of these piercings have the highest rank in pain overall from our social media followers! 

 BM25 instagram follower rates cartilage piercings as most painful on the piercing pain scaleBM25 instagram follower rates forward helix piercing as most painful on the piercing pain scale


Still want that Painful Piercing!? Go for it!

 These might not be the most painful piercings overall in the Body Modification realm, but these are a few of the common ones! We all have different body anatomy and some of these piercings may fall lower on the pain scale than others! Pain scales are almost completely subjective but we do look towards them as a means for advice. Do you have any body piercing advice for our piercing lover audience? Let us know!  BM25 enjoys all things piercing and body modification so its always insightful interacting with our valued customers online! Lastly, we thank all of our friends who participated in our small Instagram survey! We also received some awesome info and quotes from our friends!

 Quotes from our Valued Customers and Affiliates

"Don’t be afraid of piercings that have some involvement in your mouth! Lip piercings, tongue piercing, etc they’re the easiest ones!!"

"I can’t bring myself to do the other side (Daith Piercing) even though I’m covered in tattoos and have piercings!"

- @phxtojunkie

"To rate my pain for my nose (nostril) piercing between one to 10 would be a quick four. The pain only lasted for about a second and nothing more"


"All of my piercings were around 6/10, especially my nose piercings. My worst one had to be my Medusa I'd give it a 9/10 because of your lips as well as you having so many nerve endings. I even almost passed out from it!"


@Piixiequeen wearing Silicone Plugs and Golden Septum Stack from wearing Silicone Plugs and Golden Septum Stack from

 @Dangitmattie wearing Torqoiuse Double Flared Stone Plugs from

@Dangitmattie wearing Torqoiuse Double Flared Stone Plugs from


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  • Posted on by Kat
    My worst one was my conch 15/10
  • Posted on by Emily pain
    No way medusas are the least painful no way!

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