Unscrewing the Differences: Internally Threaded Jewelry vs. Externally Threaded Jewelry vs. Threadless Body Jewelry

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The Anatomy of Body Jewelry: External, Internal, and Non-Threaded Options

Internally threaded body jewelry base parts from bm25.com

The spiral part of a barbell end, connecting a screw-on ball, cone, or decorative topper, is called the "thread" in body jewelry. Evidently, depending on your piercing or healing stage, you may need an external or internal threaded piece of jewelry. People spot threaded body jewelry in industrial piercings, lip piercings, dermal piercings, as well as other types of piercings! Finally, let us help you choose which one is best for your piercing, you may even decide on Threadless body jewelry!

External Threaded Body Jewelry

External Threading is where the "Threading" or the screw ridge are on the outer part of the end of the barbell. Because Externally Threaded body jewelry isnt in the highest quality, it can often give a fresh piercing keloids or infections, causing some damage to fresh piercings. Be sure to take good piercing aftercare to avoid any complications! When inserting an Externally Threaded jewelry piece into a new piercing, the ridges around the end can ultimately cause tissue damage. Tissue damage and other abrasive pressures on a fresh piercing can lead to infection or rejection. The pros of an Externally Threaded piece is that they're perfect for healed piercings! There are many more options to choose from because they are the most common Threaded jewelry. You'll never be bored with all the affordable choices everywhere you look for body jewelry!



Internally threaded barbells and labret body jewelry from bm25.com

Internal Threaded Body Jewelry

Internally Threaded body jewelry is where the decorative top has the male screw and the base barbell has the female screw instead of the other way around. Internal jewelry is a top contender for professional piercers and is typically standard and even law in some states! It is the APP standand for piercing jewelry because they have less ridges around the ends, making sure the screw part doesnt touch your fresh piercing. It helps peircers pierce with ease and without hurting their clients because the part of the jewelry that passes through the skin is smooth with removable ends. Because of these safety benefits, Internally Threaded body jewelry is usually a bit pricier than the basic Externally Threaded jewelry.


Threadless Body Jewelry

Non-threaded body jewelry is held together and secured by tension. Our OneFit Threadless Jewelry line includes no threading or screw on ends. Instead, the jewelry top or decorative piece has a pin that someone then bends and slides into the bottom base, creating tension. Some people become confused about Threadless jewelry or its benefits, leading them to completely avoid it. Watch our video below on how to properly set up your Onefit Threadless Jewelry! Jewelry with no threading is perfect for fresh and healed piercings alike. It stays in place while providing an abrasion-free way to switch out your jewelry. Onefit System Threadless jewelry is also super easy to change out! You dont need to buy a whole new labret, just purchase a new decorative topper!

Which Body Jewelry suits you best?

Have you decided if you want an Internally Threaded set for your fresh piercing? or maybe an Externally Threaded body jewelry for any healed piercings? Or maybe our Onefit Threadless system fits your needs! Whichever you decide, we hope we helped you understand the difference between threading and what its used for! Ultimately the choice is yours! Whichever one you choose, just be sure to practice good piercing hygiene aftercare! Your piercing depends on it!

externally threaded curved barbell body jewelry from bm25.com
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