Charm Your Way Through: St. Patrick's Day Lucky Body Jewelry to Stay Pinch-Free


Pinch-Proof Elegance: St. Patrick's Day Body Jewelry to the Rescue

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Okay, so you might not be Irish, but don't let that stop you from celebrating with your Irish friends! Whether you're going out to a pub, or staying safe inside on this Holiday, here are a few of our favorite lucky body jewelry pieces that'll make your friends green with envy! Don't get pinched this year, get green piercing jewelry early!

Why Green?! The Shamrock, green in color, has become a huge symbol for this holiday. Plus, we heard that's the Leprechauns favorite color! According to tales, wearing Green on this holiday can make you invisible to the Leprechauns who like to trick and pinch us humans! Yikes! Avoid getting pinched this year and maybe even find some lucky body jewelry that you can wear all year-long!

ย Shamrock Chic: Festive St. Patrick's Day Body Jewelry to Flaunt

Do you know the difference between a Shamrock and a Clover? A Shamrock is the green or white plant that you see as a symbol for St. Patrick's Day. The term Clover can be referred to as the Lucky little rare plant with four leaves intact! Rumored to be a Lucky Charm, these plants have been collected for years. Were you lucky enough to ever stumble across a four-leaf clover?! If not, we're sure any of these lucky body jewelry pieces will do just fine! First in line is our L-shaped Nose Studs which are super cute! They come in Realistic Shamrock or Kawaii Shamrock! Which one would you rock this St. Paddy's Day?

Golden Lucky Shamrock Nose stud from bm25Four leaf clover lucky belly body jewelry ring from bm25.comLucky Kawaii Shamrock Nose stud from

Green Glamour: Lucky St. Patrick's Day Body Jewelry for a Pinch-Free Celebration

No nose piercings? That's okay, we also have our Green Gauges and Belly Rings! There are way too many lucky jewelry styles to choose from in that gorgeous lucky green hue! Our Silicone Double-Flared Ear Gauges come in all sizes, they even come in a Glow-in-the-dark version! These are awesome for St. Paddy's Day but honestly, they're amazing all year round! As for our Belly Ring collection, we have our Dangle Lucky Clover Navel Ring along with so many other green rings!ย 

Green Silicone piercing gauges from

Beyond the Green: How a Four-Leaf Clover Can Bring You Year-Round Luck!

And coming in last place, not exactly green, but on theme! You cant go wrong with the Lucky Shamrock Labrets! They come in Gold and Silver, not green, but they sure pack a punch! Not only are they perfect for St. Paddy's Day, but they're a cute Good Luck charm for your whole year! Many people symbolize clovers with Luck! They have been used as Celtic Charms and are said to offer magical protection by warding off bad luck and evil intentions! Wear these lucky body jewelry pieces in your Cartilage piercings, your Medusa piercing, your lobes, or anywhere you please! You never know, this four leaved Clover may just finally bring you the luck you've been looking for!

Lucky Shamrock labret in silver from bm25.comLucky Shamrock labret in gold from

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