Feminine Creativity: Body Jewelry Celebrating Women's Contributions


Honoring Herstory: Body Jewelry Inspired by Women's Inventions

Three young women wear matching denim jackets and body piercing jewelry from bm25 for womens history month

It's womens history month and we're here to celebrate one of the things that inspire us... WOMEN! Especially because the person writing this is a woman, but we, without a doubt, are here to appreciate femmes and women all around! Lets get into a little bit of history! Er... HERstory and our body piercing jewelry designs inspired by woman innovation!

Eventually, Women's history month became a yearly declared month, dedicated to progression and celebration of woman-kind! In the 1990's, Congress authorized Women's History Month as designated in march EVERY year! This became a national month of celebration and learning. Now, Women make up 27% of Congress! What a huge leap but this isn't finished yet!

Breaking Chains, Building Empires: Women's Triumphs Over Centuries of Oppression

When you look back on the past of womens history, women really missed out on so many natural rights that men naturally received. And no, they couldn't get facial piercings for fun like we can now a day. It wasn't until 1965, when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law. This meant that discriminatory tactics like literacy tests became outlawed so all women were able to vote. Think about it, women weren't allowed to go to school or learn how to read for quite some time. Women, oppressed for decades, finally deserve the time to celebrate a bit of freedom!

Women weren't allowed to get credit cards until 1974. If you think about it, that wasn't long ago! Until Congress passed the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974, women couldn't get credit cards in their own name. They had to bring a man to cosign for them whether it be their husband, brother, or father. Talk about OUTDATED! This powerful act from Congress paved the way for opening opportunities for women that men already had. For example, the ability to attend state-funded schools, protection from pregnancy, protection from discrimination at work and so much more!


Young lesbian couple wear facial body jewelry from bm25.com for womens history month

Empowering Adornments: Body Jewelry Inspired by Women's Contributions

 This Womens History Month we celebrate the women who did so many firsts in this lifetime! Look at how many cool things were invented or discovered by women! From the Science field to food industry, women really put a foot in where it needed to be! Now that we're all able to express ourselves through style and decorating ourselves how we want to, why not go the mile with body jewelry? That being said, here are just a few discoveries along with some body jewelry designs inspired by women's innovations!

First Woman Rockstar

In1984, Lydia Canaan became the first ever noted rock star of the Middle East! She is cataloged in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum's Library and Archives! Way to rock the world! Our music note and Treble Clef designs remind us of how much music in integrated into our daily lives.

First Woman CEO

American Flag Shaped Bow atop a belly ring inspired by womens history month

In 1889, Anna Bissell became the first female CEO in the United States of America! She was CEO of Bissell, known for its carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners that we still use today! What a win for America! Our red, white, and blue, glistening body piercing jewelry celebrates patriotism and opportunity!

Stem Cell Isolation Discovery

Earth design inspired belly ring body jewelry from bm25 inspired by womens history month

Ann Tsukamoto's patent was awarded in 1991. Since then, Tsukamoto's scientific work led to great advancements in understanding the blood systems of cancer patients. This is an especially amazing discovery as it helps so many humans every day in so many different ways! How inspiring! We decided to pick our Earth themed Belly Rings because of how much this woman helped human kind!

Ice Cream Maker Invention

 Ice cream design nipple barbells body jewelry from bm25.comL-Shaped Nose Stud with Ice cream top design body jewelry from bm25.com

Nancy Johnson, in 1843, created a double-cylinder hand-crank ice cream machine, creating two froze flavors at the same time but in separate sections. Ice cream became associated with sweetness and summertime, making it the cutest Nipple Barbell Design to wear when it gets hot out!

Fire Escape Invention

Ear Hangers that can also be used as Earrings with Red Flame design from bm25.com inspired by womens history month

Anna Connelly invented an external metal staircase which acted as the first fire escape and saved lives from deadly fires. Another amazing invention that we use today in many cities around the world! Our Flame Plug Hoops don't have anything to do with fire escapes but the Flames on these hoops really scream smart but deadly!

Harvard Stellar Classification Scheme System

Celestial style belly ring in silver from bm25.com body jewelryCelestial style Piercing Labret from bm25.com

The first classification of stars based on their temperature, created by Annie Jump Cannon, used in publications up to 1924! This system paved the way for many calculations that scientist use today! Stars are known to be mystical and mysterious especially because there's so many things us humans still don't know about stars and the solar system and maybe never will! Our Celestial Collection of body piercing jewelry gives off the perfect amount of mystical space vibes! Another note worthy woman is Valentina Tereshkova, the First woman in Space!

 The Landlord's Game, Monopoly Invention

Dollar sign design nose stud body piercing jewelry from bm25Dollar sign design nose stud body piercing jewelry from bm25Dollar sign design nose stud body piercing jewelry from bm25

Elizabeth Magie created The Landlord's Game to spread the economic theory of Georgism—teaching us about the unfairness of land-owning, the disadvantages of renting space, and the need for a single land value tax on owners. Out cute little dainty Dollar Sign Nose Studs reminds us that indeed money is a game! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but its always fun to manifest that cash! Let's also make a worthy note of first Black Female Billionaire in 2003, Oprah Winfrey!

Her Legacy, Our Inspiration: Women's History Reflected in Body Jewelry

 Truth be told, almost 100% of our body jewelry and piercing designs wouldn't be possible without women and femmes! Let's celebrate the women in our lives this month and actually, every month! What would we be without them?! Take this month to reflect and even spoil yourself or the golden goddess or silver siren in your life just to let them know you appreciate them and yourself! Happy Womens History Month!

Three beautiful women wear facial body piercing jewelry from bm25.com for womens history month

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