Alternative Vibes, Mainstream Appeal: Piercing Trends Redefined


From Subculture to Mainstream: The Evolution of Alternative Style Piercing Jewelry Trends

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Our past few body piercing jewelry blogs have been all about breaking rules and norms of society to ultimately follow our hearts. Sometimes that involves lifestyle choices including piercings. Whats interesting about this year and the past few years, to be honest, is that alternative cultures and subcultures have been replacing many modern classic styles. And we're not complaining!

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Embracing Alternative Influences in Body Jewelry

One thing that is now a new classic is metallic stars. You'll find them on hair clips, nose rings, lip labrets, shoes, and almost anything you can put them on! We're not complaining over here, we are Star Accessories advocates! One of our favorite star accessories is our Star End Horseshoe Barbells! You'll typically see jewelry barbells with ball or spike ends, but we've made our star ends a new minimalistic classic! Wear one in gold or silver in your lip piercings, your septum stack, or even cartilage piercings! Another thing that makes this a new classic is the versatility of the barbell that fits perfectly in so many different body piercings! This gives the wearer a slight feel of alternative style and can be worn with pride! This is an example of how more alternative and "edge" styles are slowly seeping into mainstream culture.

Piercing Progression: The Role of Alternative Style Influences in Innovation

Another example of alternative styles seeping into mainstream style is the emergence of so many piercing curation inventions! Piercings are now more popular that ever! Your nurse now has a lip ring, the banker at your credit union now has a cute star stud eyebrow barbell, and your great uncle now has ear gauges! Ear piercings in particular have become ultra popular and  now you can probably find any type of earring on the net. The OneFit Threadless system was made for just this!

The Onefit Threadless system consist of two body jewelry parts, a base and a decorative topper. Unlike regular and typical jewelry, the Onefit system jewelry does not screw on. Instead, the decorative top part has a prong that i held to the base by tension! This prevents ripping or snagging on the piercing hole if your jewelry were to catch on to a towel or your jacket. Another benefit of the Onefit System is that its way easier to change our your jewelry! Keep the base inserted, just change out the topper by giving it a little pull. You slightly bend the pin on the topper when re-inserting to regain the tension hold. This way, you wont have to buy a whole new labret, just a new top if you want to switch designs! 

From Niche to Normal: The Piercing Industry Embraces Alternative Style Innovation

Piercings and tattoos used to be so taboo and unaccepted. In normal society, its amazing how so many companies and brands are now catering to the piercing crowd. Piercing curations can be a hassle after losing so many expensive jewelry tops or getting caught on your piercings so often you develop keloids. The ease of changing out multiple piercings at a time without having to screw the ends on are a life saver, a time saver, and a breakdown preventor.

As the rise of piercing normalization continues,  the rise of convenience follows shortly behind! You may not be able to find all of your piercing needs at the mall just quite yet, but its definitely a possibility seen in the near future! Back when punks and goths were looked at like bums, there was only the typical screw-on and off barbells and earring hoops. Now, there's Clicker rings, bendable hoops, and Onefit threadless jewelry. No more safety pins through your eyebrow! But if you still want the safety pin look, we have that available for you but much safer and stylish!

Opening Doors: How Alternative Lifestyles Drive Piercing Convenience

Piercings have become the norm, so don't settle for complications! We provide tools, pliers, sets, and packages for a hassle free body piercing jewelry experience! Which everyone deserves! The convenience of body piercing jewelry opens doors for more alternative styles. As the Earscapes and Curations become more and more common, and the need for innovation will always be around. What next big invention will leap us into the future! Once you have your perfect piercing curation in mind, there's no going back! You can also find the coolest curations designed by our piercing posse who rock our latest jewelry in the coolest ways! Check out our Piercing Posse videos for inspiration for your next curations!
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