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ย Its your piercing fam here and we want to share some exciting news with our piercing posse! Recently we we're reached out for an exciting opportunity with our friends at in Los Angeles! Being a small body piercing jewelry business, with under ten employees, we feel excited and proud of having our first article about body piercing jewelry published in Voyage LA magazine! Above all, lets show you what we're all about!

Sharing Our Story: Voyage LA Magazine Spotlights Our Body Jewelry Journey

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We wanted to do a small biography to let you guys know a kittle bit about the company! In the article, you will find that consist of a few creative individuals who are passionate about piercings! Located in the South Bay (South LA/California), we content create and ship our body jewelry in house. Many people dont really know, but you can pick up your order free of charge from our offices! Yes indeed, save the $7 shipping fee and stop by! Additionally, you can always give us a call and make an appointment with us! We'd love to show you a few body jewelry pieces in person! Tell us what piercings you're looking to decorate and we'd love to help create a piercing curation for you based on your personal style!

ย We work with many local creators and collaborate with amazing artists who are also passionate about piercings! One of our favorite activities is choosing our staff picks of body jewelry! They usually include some of the coolest items like natural crystal or stone gauges, or titanium clicker rings! When choosing designs to be sold in our online shop, we carefully inspect them only choose the most worthy designs for our company. From taking in-house photos to our in-house designers creating our flyers, we all collaborate on one bigger picture.

We strive to merge alternative influences with modern day styles. As Earlobe and Piercing curations become more and more soughtout, the piercing industry continues to evolve. Instead of solely screw-on barbells and labrets, we now have threadless and internally threaded body jewelry to make the community just a little more comfortable in their piercing journies! Instead of losing your ball or spike ends, you can now easily change decorative jewelry tops in a breeze! Threadless jewelry is one of our innovative products we sell that we like to think keeps on top of the game!

Ensuring Safe Piercings: Our Commitment to Hypoallergenic Body Jewelry Materials

We're here for the piercings pros and the newbies. We try to spread as much piercing and body modification information as we can through our blogs. From Industrial Bars to cute little nose studs, our top priority is safe healing piercings. We carry hypoallergenic materials like Bio-flex, Titanium and 14 Karat Gold to make sure your piercings heal fast and in style! And of course, we have a huge selection of stainless steel for fully healed piercings! We have endless pages of stainless steel belly rings, labrets, gauges, clickers and so much more for your every piercing you can think of!

Our body jewelry is also categorized by base material for easy shopping! We know sometimes you need a Titanium labret for your new lip piercings but you enjoy stainless steel in your stretched ears. Whatever the choice, we want to help you easily find everything you need for your piercings! Including all of the aftercare sprays and oils you may be needing for your healing journey! Don't forget about hygiene!

Piercing the Veil: Informing and Empowering Our Community about Body Mods

What's important to us is you! Our Piercing Posse shows everyone how its done from Septum Stacking to Stretched Ear Hygeine! We always enjoy watching and showing off your BM25 body jewelry videos and informational reels! The more people know about piercings before getting them, the less likely to go through irritations, infections, and piercing rejections! We want you to heal safely and confidently in your new body jewelry!

Whats awesome about having so many creatives under one roof, is that we are constantly collaborating on body piercing jewelry content! Now that we're in 2024, we're more than ever dedicated to boosting our social media and press presence online. If you'd like to help, feel free to message us anytime with any ideas or contributions you'd like to make! We're always open minded towards the body modification and piercing community and would love to hear different perspectives!After all, this is what the piercing and body mod community was meant for, radical people with outsider ideas and revolutionary mindsets!

Let's Create Together: BM25 Opens Doors to Collaboration Opportunities

You can always check out our affiliate made content and collaborations on our YouTube page! There, you will find some of the coolest styling and piercing curation inspiration! Additionally, If you're a blogger or writer and would like to collaborate on a written piece for our body jewelry website, don't hesitate to contact us at to discuss any and all creative ideas for!

Finally, feel free anytime to message us any of your piercing or body modification questions to or simply stop by any of our social media profiles!

Read our Voyage LA Magazine article here!

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