Keeping It Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Wooden Body Jewelry


Sustainable Style: Caring for Your Wooden Jewelry for Longevity

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Hand carved wood and stone jewelry are such a precious luxury. Humans, not factories, handle the production of these items. From nature through human to piercing adornment. We really want to prolong the life of these treasures. Let a body jewelry shop tell you how to keep your wooden jewelry looking polished and posh!

First off, wood is by nature very porous. Meaning it can hold bacteria in the microscopic holes on the surface. These pieces should only be worn by healed piercings and should be taken out while showering. Soaking stunning Tamarind Wood gauges softens them and increases the likelihood of rotting. This rule goes for all wooden jewelry pieces! Instead of showering with your wooden plugs, clean them with a dab of Jojoba Oil, polishing with a microfiber cloth. This will keep the wood shiny but without fully submerging it in water.


Our wooden plugs are most popular amongst those with body mods over 2" inch gauges. They are typically lightweight and easy to store so no wonder they're so commonly used in the body mod realm! When people are stretching their nostril or labrets (lip) piercings, they commonly use silicone due to the flexibility for a more sensitive area. People often use wood for stretched Ear Lobe piercings. Although our hand carved wooden plugs go all the way to 3" inch gauges, they are still enjoyed by many people with smaller gauges too, as they start at around 8 gauge (3mm).

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Crafted by Nature: Exploring the Diversity of Wood in Body Adornments

When you think of wooden plug jewelry, most people think of solid circle plugs or a tunnel plug. Because wood is so easily manipulable, we can hand carve almost anything...almost. Our most popular, especially during the winter time, are our animal designs. When you have larger earlobe gauges, the winter time will sometimes make your ears cold! Many with gauges over 1" inch (25mm) like to avoid stone or metal plug jewelry because they're more likely to get cold when the weather hits.

We love the way the flower petals fall on our hand carved Rosebud Full Bloom Arang Wood Plugs, we definitely know why its a piercing posse favorite! Craftsmen use various types of wood to make body jewelry. Some favorites include Coconut Wood and Arang Wood! Coconut wood is beige in color that when cut, features an array of black dots similar to cheetah print! Arang wood is naturally dark almost black in color and truly gives a devine look to the wearer. If you're a little more silly, we have our Alien Attack! UFO Sabo Wood Double Flared Plugs that really make you wonder how we're those even made!?

Aside from tunnel plugs and hand carved designs, Wooden ear weights also exist amongst the bunch! A lot of them come in tribal-inspired designs that contain spirals and spikes. The Devil's horn Sono Wood Taper is popular in smaller sizes but also used as a perfect fit for a larger gauge. It just depends on the look you want! Body modifications are all about looking and feeling the way you want so lets not put too many limits on it! After all, that's what the Body Mods realm and community was made for, those going against the grain!

Buying wooden jewelry isn't a hard decision or a big risk especially because they're one of the more affordable materials. If you have stretched ears, having at least one pair of wooden plugs is a must! If you've tried them before, you already know how great they can be! Remember to clean them every so often with a dab of jojoba oil. Keep your ears clean and hydrated with moisturizing cream! Keep your wood jewelry away from water and you'll be fine!

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