Titanium Treasures: Adorn Yourself with Blue Body Jewelry


Dive into Turquoise: The Perfect Accent for Titanium Body Jewelry Young woman wears a piercing curation of Titanium and Turquoise body jewlery form bm25.com

Today we're talking about classic hues and styling the blues! By that we mean blue hued body piercing jewelry! Included in that is Turquoise stone and Fire opal stones! Some of our most popular stones are natural and extremely versatile! Combined with Titanium, turquoise and fire opal stands our beyond compare when it comes to body jewelry! The traditional vibes of blue colored jewelry lives on, but is constantly being innovated. Let us throw a few of our classic new favorites your way!


Skin-Friendly Shine: Discovering the Hypoallergenic Qualities of Titanium and 14k White Gold

Titanium Body Jewelry is very similar to the safety of 14k white gold. By safety we mean hypoallergenic qualities that prevent irritation, infection, itchiness, and piercing rejection! When initially getting a piercing, your professional piercer will most likely be using Titanium jewelry due to it's qualities. So many cool designs come in stainless steel but that metal material is much better for healed piercings! Another amazing hypoallergenic option is 14k White gold which is still gold but in a silver or platinum hue. Depending on your skin and you allergies, you may want to strictly stick to a certain metal to prevent any irritation while trying something new.

Titanium and White gold body jewelry are also more resistant to tarnishing and yellowing. Titanium and gold jewelry are meant to last and be comfortable! One of our favorite white gold and blue fire opal items are our versatile Fire Opal Ball ends! They fit perfectly with so many piercings and barbells including nose rings, nipple barbells, industrial bars, and more! They add the perfect amount of subtle color! If subtle is your thing!

Threaded Labret with Dagger Design with dangling fire opal stone from bm25.comTitanium Blue hued fire opal jewelry from bm25.com

Oceanic Opulence: Elevating Your Piercing Body Jewelry Game with Silver and Blue Accents

Blue has always been a classic color especially for beauty. When it comes to makeup, jewelry, hair, and more, blue has always been by our side. Its now even more eye catching and unique when paired with white metals! Fire opal is one of our top choices for someone who is craving a little luxe blue in their body jewelry routine! One of our top choices that exudes ocean vibes is our OneFit Threadless  Marquise Fire Opal Flower Top Part which like all top part pieces, are super versatile!

The combinations just goes so well together! It reminds of us sun and ocean, moon and sun, water and ice. Its perfect for a beach babe or a stylish soiree. Although the overtone of fire opal jewelry is blue, when you look a little closer, you'll see rainbow hues in the iridescence. Although turquoise body jewelry is also blue based, if you look closely you will see veins of black and white in patterns similar to lightning! Both give off natural essence and energy with classic style.

Titanium pyramid clicker ring body piercing jewelry from bm25.comFire opal nose stud nose pin body piercing jewelry from bm25.comFire opal jewelry Titanium belly ring body piercing jewelry from bm25.comVCH body piercing jewelry titanium barbells from bm25.com

True Blue Triumph: Exploring the Endless Victory of Classic Hues

Of course blue is a classic body jewelry color and will always be as long as the ocean is wet! Psychologically, blue emits calm and relaxed energy and maybe that's due to our archetypes of the calm blue sky or the ocean. Always remember reaction to color, no matter how much science is backing it, can greatly vary amongst people and their personal experiences! Because blue is so traditional, it is seen as a less threatening color when being worn. Cheers to the classic, calming, and beautiful hues of blue in the world! Maybe you'll want to give a pair of Turquoise gauges or a Fire Opal belly ring a chance someday soon!

Ear Curation including Titanium and Turquoise Horseshoe Barbells from bm25.com
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