Celebrating Piercing Culture: Our Feature in Shoutout LA Magazine


 Piercing the Narrative: Our Story in Shoutout LA Magazine

Let's celebrate something that has been looked down upon for years! History has gone back and forth with the acceptability of body modifications for centuries! From ancient lip stretching to modern day ear gauging! Piercings and body modifications are getting the acceptance they deserve and its time to celebrate! As we spread our message and info across the net, we wanted to shed light on our second press article from our friends at Shoutout LA Magazine! Piercings and modifications aren't limited like they once were in the early 2000's or Y2K era. There are safe ways of achieving the style you want like using skin safe body jewelry or booking your piercing with a verified piercing pro! Hence, we believe piercing and modification information should be widely accessible and open for all to share!

Shattering Stigmas: The Rise of Piercings in Contemporary Culture

 Something that was once shamed is now becoming a trend again like all things eventually do. Instead of the old days where a septum ring would get you fired or ear gauges, yelled at in school, we now wear our lip rings to work with pride. Society no longer punishes individuals for expressing their style! Back then, individuals were looked at as pirates or "gangsters" for wearing earrings or having facial piercings! But now, they're more accessible than ever!
In our Shoutout LA Magazine article, we salute our individuals who go against the grain and strive to be whatever they want. More than ever, people wear body jewelry without judgement or fear! Any day now, piercings and modifications will be the norm.
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Shoutout to Individuality: Piercing Through the Norms

Although piercings and mods are from the ancient times, that doesn't mean that our hygiene and aftercare has to be! Now a day we have after care spray and wipes to keep new and healing piercings far away from irritations, infections, and rejections. Which means sometimes your jewelry can fall through your skin if you don't take proper care of it! Seriously! Moisturizing stretched piercings should always come with proper care and hydration! Don't let your ears get dry, use a dab of jojoba oil  often to keep your stretched piercings happy! We want to spread as much information as we can through our blogs, articles and social media pages to spread piercing and modification awareness. Finally, by doing this, it makes our community safer and looked at more seriously and with credibility.

When you choose a APP certified piercer, you choose a healthy body piercing jewelry lifestyle and the best direction for your unique anatomy. This industry isn't about quick money, it should be about fitting a persons individual needs. Always go the professional route when going through with any modification procedure. After all, you don't want to end up wasting money on a piercing that ends up being rejected.

Educating and Inspiring: The Journey to Healthier Piercing Practices

 By providing our community with hypoallergenic options, we don't leave anybody out! We're super excited that Shoutout LA has chose to spread our word to their amazing readers! Many people are allergic to stainless steel piercing jewelry so they have much less options. Stainless steel is the typical material you'll see in your average belly ring or nose studs. By offering Implant Grade Titanium, 14Karat Gold, and Bio-flex, we have many stylish designs that are safe to use in fresh and healing piercings or sensitive skin. These skin-safe options are less likely to tarnish over time when taken care of, and they are all shower-safe!

Celebrating Piercing Culture: Our Feature in Shoutout LA Magazine

Many people avoid getting them due to the reason of limited body jewelry in sensitive materials. But avoid no longer! its 2024 and about time to get the piercings you've always wanted! Stay secure and fearless of tugging or ripping out jewelry from your skin with Threadless jewelry. One the the most amazing things to hit the piercing industry! Our Onefit Collection offers people a way to easily interchange labret tops and change out nipple barbells in a breeze! Instead of screwing on a ball or spike end, you simply push a pin inside the barbell. its an easier way to wear jewelry and save money on buying additional posts!

Between Threadless jewelry and hypoallergenic materials, and jewelry changing tools, many new innovations have hit the body piercing jewelry realm! We're always happy to share new information and thoughts and recommendations! If you'd like to collaboration on a piercing or body modification information collab, please email us at Hello@bm25.com or give us a message on any of our social media accounts! We are constantly collaborating with many local artists and content creators and love hearing the communities perspective! If you're a blogger or writer, we'd love to spread more information about piercings and body modifications through our friends. Finally, lets enjoy piercings without fear!

Young woman with facial piercings wears body jewelry from bm25.com for Shoutout LA MagazineYoung woman with facial piercings wears body jewelry from bm25.com for Shoutout LA Magazine

Feel free anytime to message us any of your questions to Hello@bm25.com or simply stop by any of our social media profiles!

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