Risky Piercings: The Thin Line Between Unusual Style and Safety


Behind the Sparkle: Understanding the Risks of Unusual Body Piercings

We'll admit it! Piercings are popular but how well do you understand what it takes to get some of the riskiest piercings?! We've complied a list of our top unusual and risky piercings to get and the risk they impose! Yes piercings can affect your health! Piercings and professional piercers have licenses but there is no official rule book about what you can and cannot do when it comes to body modifcation.

If youre interested in any of the piercings on this list, make sure you research a professional reputable piercer in your area! Additionally, make sure you know all about the aftercare for any unusual piercings! Some piercers will not even take on many of these piercings due to the risks! Heres our top risky piercings from least risky to riskiest!

Young Blonde Woman wears risky tongue piercing with bm25.com piercing jewelry


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Finger Piercings (Ring Piercings)

Finger piercings are commonly seen on any one of the fingers, most notably the ring finger. Usually on the back of the hand near the base of the finger, on the largest phalanx, where a ring would normally sit. This uncommon piercing usually requires use of a Curved Barbell to eliminate harsh pulling on the skin.

Possible Piercing Complications

Finger and hand piercings are one of the trickiest piercings to keep lasting long and strong! Many people who get these pierced are constantly complaining about the snags and tugs from their clothing or shower towels. The consistent snagging can ultimately lead to rejection or infection or both! You don't see these piercings often because most people find that they get in the way of simple every day tasks like changing your clothes, showering with cloth or loofah, playing musical instruments, brushing your hair, and so much more!

Gauge Punching (Dermal Punching)

Gauge Punching is a piercing procedure that involves removing tissue from your skin to create a hole for jewelry. Often larger than a typical piercing, this piercing procedure requires much aftercare including good hygiene, consistent washing of the wound area, and wearing the right kind of jewelry. Because these piercings are consistently surrounding the open wound, the jewelry should be of high grade and either Implant Grade Titanium or Gold.

Possible Piercing Complications

Gauge punching is sometimes looked down upon in the body modification industry due to the fact that stretching is earned over time. It naturally requires time and patience to reach your desired size. With gauge punching, you are able to start at a larger size without the years of stretching. The medical downside to this procedure is that you lose tissue in the ear that can hold your stretched ear jewelry in place. The lobes will also be much thinner around the hole which may prevent you from further stretching. This procedure often causes much bleeding and pain when overtime stretching is usually hassle-free.ย 

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercings

The snake eye piercing is a curved barbell placed horizontally towards the tip at the end. Two ball ends give the appearance of eyes, making your tongue look like a snake.ย 

Possible Piercing Complications

Due to all the complications of this unusual piercing, many states including Oregon have banned this piercing in professional piercing shops. This piercing can ultimately lead to cracked teeth, loss of nerve endings, gum erosion and so much more. Because there are so many important nerve endings in that part of the tongue, getting this piercing has high risk of permanent tongue numbing which can lead to a lisp or speech problems.ย 

ย Lowbret or Stretched Labret Piercings

ย Lowbret piercings can often be referred to as a labret piercings that are much lower than usual, more towards the chin. Many people like to get the piercing placement lower to start stretching their lower lip labret to larger size gauges. This piercing can also be gauge punched but is highly recommended against doing.ย 

Possible Piercing Complications

This piercing is riskier when stretched can put you at higher risk for gum decay, tooth chipping, and tooth decay. Taking on the journey of labret stretching, you must have great oral hygiene and aftercare. Talk to your Piercer for the best and professional advice on your new piercings. Because this piercing area is less elastic than ear lobes, its less likely to downsize once stretched, leaving people to undergo surgery to have it closed.

Smiley Piercings

Smiley Piercings puncture the tissue between the upper lip and gums. This piercing usually requires using a Curved Barbell. They have become increasingly popular in the past year as we've seen so many piercing newbies with the popular Fangs Smiley Piercing. The jewelry made for these piercings make it more of an unusual but aesthetically cool piercing.

Possible Piercing Complications

Only professionals capable of assessing your unique body anatomy should perform these risky piercings. Otherwise, you may experience scarring, enamel decay, or piercing rejection. If not pierced according to your anatomy, the jewelry can end up corroding your gums and teeth due to constant rubbing or jewelry hitting your teeth.

Dermal Piercings

Dermal piercings are similar to gauge punching but a bit smaller and less intense. The piercing requires placement where there is little movement or stretching for the best healing experience.

Possible Piercing Complications

Since these risky piercings protrude from the skin's surface, they frequently encounter snagging hazards. Towels, loofahs, clothing, and hair can all potentially snag these piercings, increasing the risk. Piercings located in areas subject to frequent movement, such as hip dermals, backside dermals, and chest piercings, are particularly susceptible. These regions experience continuous motion in daily activities, making them prone to catching on everyday objects and thus increasing the risk of infection, rejection, or even tearing the piercing out! Professional expertise is essential for performing these piercings, ensuring they are tailored to your anatomy.

VCH or Genital Piercings

Genital piercings come in many forms, one of the most popular being a VCH or Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing. Some individuals get this piercing to increase sexual pleasure due to all the nerve endings down under. There are many variations of this piercing including labia piercings and other areas of the genitals being pierced.

Possible Piercing Complications

Performing these uncommon body piercings involves significant risks. Moreover, it's crucial to entrust them to a reputable piercer. You should ensuring they have a portfolio and testimonials from individuals who have undergone the procedure with them and have successful healing stories. This piercing carries the risk of infections, rejection, and potential migration if not properly maintained, even after complete healing. Additionally, wearing jewelry in the genital area can increase the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) as it can harbor bacteria.

Eyelid Piercings

Eyeball and Eyelid Piercings rank among the most unusual and risky types of piercings, yet they still occur! This piercing typically requires a Hoop or Circular Barbell pierced at the outer corner of the eye typically not touching your actual eyeball.

Possible Piercing Complications

To reduce the risk of a piercing rejection, itโ€™s important to choose a qualified practitioner - go for someone who does this as a core part of their business, as experience counts. They must use high quality jewelry and practice proper piercing aftercare. Be aware of the practitionersโ€™ sterilization and safety measures as they should be using an autoclave for their sterilizing equipment and you can ask artists when you inquire!

ย Still want that Unusual Piercing?!

As a rule of thumb the less common a body piercing, the more downsides and risks it often has. The more unusual the piercing, the riskier it is! Please note that some of these piercings here are unsafe and should not be performed. Please research any piercer who offers any of these services. Make sure to find valid testimonials of their past customers and healing success stories because no one wants to go to an unreputable Piercer for the fact that it can seriously damage your health!

Young woman with unusual aesthetic wears tongue piercing with bm25.com piercing jewelry
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  • Posted on by Official BM25
    @Jonathan This is why Snake Eyes piercings are one of the most dangerous! Glad you donโ€™t still have that giant jewelry in!
  • Posted on by Jonathan parse
    I had a snake eye piercing back in the day before all this new technology and I had ended up chipping a tooth with my gigantic jewellry
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    wow scary

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