Splash Proof Summer Body Jewelry


Standout Body Jewelry for the Summer!

Name a piercing you've always wanted to get! This Summer might be the year that you'll just go for it! You only live once and that's enough to get us looking for some new summer jewelry! Sometimes catering to your inner teen means getting a belly ring or a tongue ring for fun! Something mom never let us have! Piercings are typically more shown off in the Summer time because it's all about the beach, tank tops, and bikinis! Here are some piercings and waterproof jewelry you might want to look into showing off this Summer including nipple piercing jewelry!

Young women wearing summer waterproof nipple piercing jewelry

Nipple Piercing Pride!

Seemingly forbidden but totally bold are nipple piercings! The perfect summer jewelry- besides Belly Rings! They heal in about 6 months to a year so you should get a head start on the fun! In our Piercing Pain blog, nipple pain didn't even make the top 10 list of most painful piercings! Now we definitely think they're worth it! Nipple piercings take about almost a year to heal! Pierce them before summer! Warmer weather is when the layers of clothing come off and all your piercings get to shine in the sunshine! Schedule your breast or chest piercing in winter to heal by summer... or just go for it! Just remember proper hygiene is a must, even though you may be wearing waterproof jewelry!

A classic nipple piercing jewelry style is plain ol' barbell jewelry! Barbells are able to be designed with decorative end pieces that can match your vibe and style. There's also always the basic ball end barbells too which absolutely look great on everybody! Our favorite for the Summer is our Freshly Picked Fruit collections which include Cherries, Grapes, Tangerines, Apples, and more! If you're scared (or shy) you can always try out the pierced look with some of our faux jewelry pieces! or just stick to the belly rings! Get the look, no piercing required! But beware, you might just convince yourself to go under the needle! Our faux nipple jewelry works like clip-on earrings, no pain, all the style!

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Young woman wearing waterproof belly rings from bm25.com

Belly Rings for the Beach

Belly rings used to be the hit of the 90's and early 2000's! Do you have a belly piercing? Navel piercings are pretty low on the painful piercing list and are actually still quite common! Belly piercings fully heal in about 9 months to a year so we also suggest planning these piercings early! Preferably in the winter time to be ready to show off by Summer! Navel piercings are about one of the most versatile types of piercings! Belly piercings can adorn Hoops and Rings, Curved Barbells, Clicker Bars, Captive Bead Rings, and more!

Body Jewelry is the Star of the Summer!

Now more than ever are there so many styles of body jewelry, the possibilities are honestly endless! Now a day its easier than ever finding high quality metal jewelry and waterproof pieces! Instead of going to the mall and looking for some jewelry that wont tarnish, you have the world at the tip of your fingers.. on your phone! Finally, the best body jewelry is on the net and you can find them on our site! Stay tuned for the water proof jewelry stars of the summer! All of our body jewelry pieces are made with love and detail!


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