Stay Shiny: Waterproof Body Jewelry to Avoid Summer Tarnish


Shine Bright All Summer: Waterproof Body Jewelry Tips

Okay, so there's certain types of body jewelry that should definitely be waterproof and tarnish proof! Of course! Technically most body jewelry is water proof. But wearing certain metals while swimming and showers can ultimately run the risk of rusting! Yikes! Tarnishing, breaking, changing color, and even itching your skin! Here's some of the best waterproof body jewelry that you should be showing off this summer! From Waterproof Earrings to Tarnishproof belly rings! Let's get into it!

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Beat the Heat: Tarnish Proof Body Jewelry for Summer Fun 

PVD coated jewelry are best worn on occasion and not while swimming! Chlorine and harsh water in general can run the risk of chipping or discoloring your body jewelry. No one wants red rusted jewelry! This type is usually not anodized, but instead coated with color. The outer coat can chip off if not taken care of properly. By avoiding your jewelry contact with water, you are lengthening its life! Waterproof earrings made with solid metals that have no casings or outer layers will not chip! For example, typical Stainless Steel and Surgical Steel without coating will not chip!

People seek pieces that last in water exposure without discoloring! The best metals to wear are solid metals. Like 14 Karat Gold or Titanium and Steel. You can get colored or plated Gold or Titanium. But it's suggested saving the pop of color for special occasions or an all day event. Probably not as daily wear! Daily wear metal is usually of high quality. Surgical Steel, Titanium, Gold, and Silver are considered high quality metals.


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Splash into Summer: Why Titanium & Gold are Unmatched

Some jewelry you may not know you're sensitive to until you reach the water. Titanium and 14k gold is not likely to turn your skin green like brass, nickel, and copper. These metals oxidize which mean they can change color over time and after being in water. The color wearing off means that the underneath metal is now exposed to your skin. This means that the brass, nickel, or copper is now rubbing against your skin. It can cause irritation or worse.... a green piercing!!! Yikes! Not quite water proof OR tarnish proof jewelry, right?

Its quite common to be allergic to certain metals or plastic when it comes to body jewelry. A common metal allergy would be copper. Many jewelry metals available online contain mixed copper and nickel. Be ultimately safe and sure you're using a metal that wont make your piercing itch! Just take a look at the material listing before buying your new waterproof earrings! You're much less likely to have tarnished jewelry with Implant Grade Titanium, Solid 14K Gold, or Surgical Steel. Sometimes jewelry on resale sites or places like Temu or Amazon sell body jewelry with unspecified materials. They can end up irritating your skin. To avoid this, purchase piercing jewelry from only reputable sites!

Bio-Flex: Body Jewelry with Splash-Proof Technology

Facial piercings are something that you definitely want to be high quality. Acrylic is cute and fun to wear on occasion but don't make it your daily jewelry! In-the-mouth facial piercings can tend to rub against the gums and enamel. Piercers (and most dentist) recommend either bio-flex or implant grade titanium! Bio-flex is similar to Silicone as in how flexible it is. This material is also resistant to rust and discoloring! Bio-flex is also a sure fire way you know you wont chip your teeth! Especially if you have an in-the-mouth piercing and are trying to have some real summer fun! Bio-flex, also used as piercing retainers, gives you that an au naturel look! AND its considered tarnish proof jewelry! Sometimes we wonder why more people don't curate their piercings with Bio-flex!

No Rust, No Worries: Waterproof Facial Piercing Jewelry All Year Long

Sometimes jewelry in more sensitive areas need to be of high grade material no matter what. Dermal Implants, Genital Piercings, and other more uncommon placements tend to adorn solid metal throughout the piercings lifetime. Why is that? Because more sensitive piercing placements are more prone to bacteria build up so chipping jewelry is out of the question! Jewelry that can chip on you when used as daily wear includes PVD coated metals, Acrylic, and painted jewelry. But don't let that stop you from switching up your jewelry every day with something new and cute! That's the point of having a collection, to switch up your vibe with your mood!

Bioflex is also a waterproof alternative for sensitive pierced areas. Bio-flex is a type of plastic that is hypoallergenic and does not rust or tarnish. This is a great and affordable way to switch up your piercings before any wet activities. Although bioflex and silicone are both waterproof, they are not meant for long wear. They are great for a day at the beach or an evening of working out. But after the activities are over, you can switch back to your 14 Karat Gold belly ring! Add Bioflex and Silicone to your list of waterproof pieces! Oh, and tarnishproof too!

Woman wearing a face of waterproof and tarnish proof piercing jewelry.

Tarnish Proof Body Jewelry Essentials for the Summer

Did you take notes!? You better have! Titanium and 14 Karat Gold are the stars of the Summer! With tarnishproof jewelry pieces all over our site, there's no excuse for irritating earrings this year! Finally, avoid itchy piercings, color changing clicker rings, and rusty nose hoops, this year we're all about the shine! So live it up! Go swimming, take a dip in a hot spring, and take a shower without having to remove your body jewelry! And of course, waterproof earrings aren't just for the Summer, its for daily wear all year round! Happy Healing!

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