Flat Back Studs vs. Butterfly Back Earrings: The Superior Choice for Comfort and Style


Earring Evolution: Flat Back Studs vs. Butterfly Back Earrings

Young woman wearing ear curation with flat back earring studs and no butterfly earring backs.


Okay so, what are Butterfly earring backs? Butterfly back earrings have a detachable back part and it kind of looks like a smashed together piece of aluminum. These are the typical earring backings we've seen since we were little kids but much has changed! Flat Back stud earrings are the future and here's why! You might want to take some notes before setting up your perfect ear curation!

Stock image of Butterfly earring backs

Lost Earrings, No More!

Do you remember having earrings as a kid that would always fall off or be missing a piece? Butterfly back studs were once worn by celebrities but now, it feels like they're all almost extinct! No longer do people want to wear flimsy jewelry. More than ever, the piercing connoisseurs of today want secure pieces that wont fall out. And ones that look cute from the back and the front, too! Because lets face it, butterfly backs aren't pretty. Butterfly backs can even considered a fashion faux pas now a day.

Because they either screw on or are held together by tension, Flat back studs are more secure. These are initially popular with body piercings but are now more common for ear curations and Earscapes. With the rise in popularity of multiple ear piercings, the rise for aesthetic piercings jumps too. We see so many new styles and trends in the body jewelry world! But this one is sure to stick!

Young woman wearing a flat back stud ear piercing curation with no butterfly earring backs.

Sleep Soundly and Tangle-Free: The Sleep-Friendly Design of Flat Back Studs

Back then, butterfly earring backs caused people to lose a lot of hair! Yikes! Butterfly backs were the standard and were about the only style you could find. Why did we have to take out butterfly back earrings before sleeping? Because we know how badly they catch hair! But now, we're living in the future. We now have more types of body jewelry than ever! You can custom fit flat back studs to different piercings! That means you can get a 6mm length for your Nostril, and an 8mm length for your Medusa. Make sure to use our Size Chart to assure you're getting the right size!

Sometimes when Flatback studs comes to mind, people first think of bold facial piercings or unusual placements. Flat back studs are perfect for earlobe piercings and ear curations! Earscapes are IN, and now taking out your earrings before sleep is a thing of the past. Now a day, everyone is about being stylish AND comfy!

Create Your Unique Style: Mixing and Matching Made Easy

Stores typically sell butterfly back earrings in pairs. As butterfly back earrings are also mostly interchangeable, so are labret posts! Instead of buying a new pair of earrings every time you want to switch it up, you can keep a quality metal post in your ear. Just switch out the decorative tops! In the end, it saves us some cash, time, and effort! Flat back studs are so customizable! You can get an end post to fit almost any gauge and any length! Want to switch it up some more? You can switch out the top from your Daith and put it on your Rook barbell! or take the 14k gold opal top from your Conch and put it in your Earlobe!

When mixing jewelry tops, make sure gauge sizes are the same. Make sure they both either are externally threaded or internally threaded for a perfect fit. If you want to avoid the mess and confusion of gauge sizes and female and male screw part ends, you can opt for the OneFit Threadless pieces! They are all interchangeable, no matter the gauge size! Threadless or push fit pieces stay together by tension, so no need to screw on your jewelry! Just push the labret post and top together for a secure hold! Creating the perfect Earscape just got easier!

@officialbm25 ๐Ÿงท Threadless Jewelry is body jewelry that doesnt screw on! ๐Ÿ”ฉ Instead, the barbell and ends are held together by tension! ๐Ÿ–ค Fast and esy to secure, the Onefit Threadless Piercing system offers a fast wasy to change your piercing tops and ends! ๐Ÿ‘‚ No more dropping Balls and Spikes on the floor! Push-fit piercing jewelry has really changed the piercing game for the better! ๐Ÿงท๐Ÿ‘ƒ #bm25 #piercings #piercing #piercinglovers #onefit #threadless #threadlessjewelry #bodypiercingjewlery #piercingjewlery #bodymods #14kgold #solidgold #14k #bodyjewlery #threadlesslabrets #howto #pushfittings #jewelry #threadlessgold #threadlessearrings #threadlessends #threadlessstuds #threadlessflatback โ™ฌ original sound - BM25 Body Jewelry




Young woman wearing a flat back stud and hoop ear piercing curation combination from bm25.com

Healing Piercings: The Best Jewelry Choices for a Smooth Recovery

Back then, butterfly backings were about all you could find! Many piercers would even do fresh piercings with them! This ultimately lead to many people having infections or skin reactions while in the healing process. Although butterfly backs are user friendly and easy to change out, there's more cons than pros of these earring backs. But maybe you already found that out yourself!

Butterfly earring backs hold on to scabs, debris, and bacteria when put into a fresh healing piercing. Flat back studs lay flat on the skin, stopping bacteria build up and gunk around the edges. With the flat end laying flat on the skin, this offers a migration proof way to heal your piercing. Sometimes, when body jewelry is too small or large, it can run the risk of a piercing migration! That means your hole might not heal in the exact same spot your were initially pierced in! it can start moving or tugging, forcing the piercing hole to move. Flatback studs fit specific piercings and are unlikely to move or fall out. This makes this one of the healthiest styles to wear for a fresh piercing!

Say Goodbye to Butterfly Backs: Embrace the Benefits of Flat Back Studs

Alright, this article might be a bit biased since WE LOVE FLATBACK STUDS, but don't let us stop you from checking out different options! Flat back studs are finally here after decades of butterfly back earring problems and issues that we all found annoying. The typical Butterfly back earring is sold in low quality metals. Flat back studs are meant for fresh piercings! They are long wear so they come in Surgical Steel, Implant grade Titanium, and 14k Gold! Now, you can sleep, swim, and shower in your ear curation! Finally!

Threadless Onefit Flat back earrings studs used for a display ear curation ear designed by bm25.com
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