Piercing Rings 101: Understanding the Different Styles and Their Appeal


Why We Can't Get Enough of Piercing Rings: Exploring Different Styles and Trends

Young woman wears body jewelry piercing hoops as a nose ring

Rings, rings, body jewelry rings! Which one is for you?! Either a Captive Bead Ring for your Septum or maybe a Clicker Hoop or Segment Ring for your Earlobes? or maybe a Horseshoe Barbell is best for your piercings? Either way, we'll break down each type of piercing ring and what piercings they fit in!

You can mix and match jewelry in your piercings however you want! There's no right an wrong, if the gauge fits! You can fit septum rings in your ears and nose hoops in you lip. The thing about piercings is that you can have complete creative control for the most part, after they're fully healed! You can stretch your piercings, you can fill them with rings or any other body jewelry for that matter! Make sure you keep good hygiene and aftercare to heal your piercings and after that, you can start stretching, or changing up to more fun jewelry. Healing a piercing is the first step to fun piercing curations and styles!

A Guide to Different Types of Piercing Rings

Captive Bead Rings (CBR)

Captive Bead Rings, abbreviated as CBR, are hoop body jewelry rings that connect at a center point through a metal bead. The center bead has side indentions to secure to the ring. You can then pop the center bead out of the ring to "open and close" it or take it on and off. As you get larger gauge sizes for CBR's, the tighter the bead can get. You may require Piercing Jewelry Opening Pliers for CBR gauges 4ga and up! Our Captive Bead Rings come in all materials and colors including Hot Pink, Green, Black, Blue and more!

Teal colored captive bead ring CBR piercing hoop from bm25.com

Seamless Clicker Rings-

Seamless Clicker Rings have hinges that literally CLICK when secured closed. These rings come in sizes 20 gauge (0.8mm) all the way up to over 0 gauge (8mm)! They snap secure so you can wear these rings all day long and even to sleep! They are one of the most common rings used for Septum Piercings because the convenience of their secure closing! Just like Captive Bead Rings, as you get larger gauge size rings, you may require Ring Opening and Closing Pliers as they get pretty hard to open with your fingers!You can wear these in most piercings and they come in Stainless Steel, 14k Solid Gold, Rose Gold, Blackline, Implant Grade Titanium and so much more!


Horseshoe Barbells-

Horseshoe Barbells, another popular body jewelry ring used in many piercing placements! This 'U' shaped ring consists of two ends that are either threaded (screw on) or non threaded (threadless). We've seen these rings with Ball Ends, Spike Ends, and even Butterfly Ends! This is one of the most classic rings that we've seen in alternative styles. Now a day we have Horseshoe Barbells that go all the way up to gauges 00! That's 10mm! Grab one in 14 Karat Solid Gold to last you a lifetime!

Horseshoe barbells with cone and ball ends

Bendable Hoops-

Bendable Hoops are exactly what they sound like. They're hoops that bend! They're popular for nose piercings since you can bend them to fit just right! They are commonly made out of Stainless Steel and are usually very thin! These lightweight and thin rings are more suitable for smaller piercings and are not too secure for stretched ears or septum piercing. Because they can bend and are usually super thin, they can easily bend out of shape. Your circular hoop may become an oval if you keep rubbing your nose piercing!

Bendable hoop body jewelry piercing hoops


Segment Rings-

Segment Rings are rings that separates and connects back together to give the ring a truly seamless body jewelry ring look. A Segment ring has two parts to it, the ring itself and the ring closure piece. These rings are popular for many piercings including Septums, Nose piercings, lips, and more. This is another type of hoop that may require some Piercing Pliers! This ring is very similar to a Seamless Clicker Ring except the opening of the Segment Rings detaches from the body of the ring. For some, this method of ring is easier to remove in smaller piercing placements.


Segment body jewelry piercign rings


Mix and Match: Creative Ways to Style Your Body Piercing Jewelry Rings

Each of our body piercing jewelry rings are made with quality and comes in different materials for our sensitive skin Piercing Posse! From 14karat solid Gold to Implant Grade Titanium, our piercing jewelry is meant to last! Stainless Steel is our more sought-out and affordable material while 14 K Gold is more sought-out by piercing connoisseurs, people with sensitive skin, or even those who just want to feel a little luxurious!

Body jewelry rings are fun became they go well with so many other body jewelry pierces! Fit a Clicker Ring through a Tunnel plug for stretched ears! Use an oversized Captive bead ring as ear weights! Body modification is all about doing something a little different and piercing jewelry helps with just that! A favorite in the Body Mod realm is the Classic Captive Bead Ring through a Tunnel hoop plug look!


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Body Jewelry Piercing Rings: A Classic Staple in the World of Body Jewelry

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  • Posted on by Official BM25
    You cannot wear a clicker ring without a piercing! Instead, check out our Non-piercing items to get a fake piercing look! Just search “non-piercing” or “fake” on our website! We have Clip-on Hoops for skin with no piercings!
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    can u wear the hoop without piercing?

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