The Ultimate Guide to Ear Stretching: Methods that Work and Ones to Skip

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 Stretching Your Piercings: Tried and True Methods Versus Risky Techniques

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Last week we told you about the pains and horrors of a piercing blowout. This week were going to get down to the bottom of our favorite piercing and ear stretching methods! There are safe and proven methods for piercing enlargements and truth be told, there are some super risky ones! We get down to the bottom of Dead Stretching, the Taping method, Ear Weights, Ear Stretching Taper Kits, and more! Finally, here are the safest methods to stretch your piercings!


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Taping method:

The Ear Stretching Taping Method requires only some tape and your piercing jewelry. Slow and steady really do win the race and this method proves it! The Taping method requires that you wrap a layer of tape around your plugs or piercing jewelry. Little by little, you can increase the thickness of your jewelry with the tape, depending on how comfortable your piercing is. Of course this goes towards ear stretching, but a rule of thumb for stretching any piercing is, if its painful, leave it alone. Pain and intense discomfort is a huge sign that your piercing is not ready to go to the next gauge size. You can use the Taping method for stretching other piercings besides Earlobes if you want a slow and steady stretch. Make sure to use a tape that is skin safe and wont irritate your skin such as first aid tape!

Taper Kit Method:

Additionally, by having an Ear Stretching Taper Kit in the classic taper shape with every size, you have everything you need to stretch your piercing to your desired gauge size. Depending on how large you'd like to go, you can grab a 14g to 6gauge Taper kit or go even larger with a Taper Kit that goes up to an inch or more! The size is totally up to you! The downside of Classic Tapers is that they are not the most comfortable to sleep in. Tapers get the job done, but Tunnel Plug Kits can sometimes be more comfortable depending on your anatomy! These are also not recommended for those stretching anything other than piercings on the ears!


Dead Stretching:

This method is usually the safest and most well known. Dead Stretching has been around since ancient times as a well respected method of stretching piercings, whether it be your septum, nostrils, or anywhere else! It involves inserting a slightly larger piercing of jewelry into your piercing, gradually enlarging it. Now, this method can take some time, even years, but its a proven method that usually avoids complications. When your piercing is soft, flexible, and without any discomfort or pain, only then are you ready for the next gauge size! This method ensures your piercing is fully healed when stretching to avoid skin tissue tears and irritations... oh and pain!

Ear Weights and Hangers:

The use of Ear Weights or Hangers in your piercings can greatly speed up the process of stretching! Now, depending on the design, you can use hangers and ear weights in the middle of your stretching process. Whether you're already Dead Stretching, or using the Taping Method, you can wear weighted jewelry or Plug Hoops to give your stretch a little push! Sometimes, individuals who are stretching out their nostril or other piercings will use heavier materials like stone or steel for the same stretching reasons.


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 Gauge Punching:

Gauge Punching involves s removal of tissue in the desired placement. Instead of stretching the earlobe, it's pierced with the desired gauge size. This is more ideal for cartilage piercings due to the hassle of stretching thick cartilage. This means, with Gauge Punching, you can be pierced at a 2gauge (6mm) without doing any in between steps or buying extra stretching jewelry. This is the least safe way to get your desired gauge size, unless you're doing a Coinslot Piercing! Gauge Punching runs a higher risk of infection, thinning of the earlobes, blowouts, and more. Not to mention, this is an intense and painful procedure, so the healing time can take way longer than expected. But it is a one and done procedure if you just cant wait to rock those 00g (10mm) plugs


 Ear Stretching Safely: The Do's and Don'ts of Piercing Enlargement Methods

Whichever piercing stretching method you decide for your journey, remember that proper hygiene and piercing aftercare are necessary! Without clean piercings, we raise the risk for keloids, piercing bumps, infections, rejections, blowouts, and smelly piercings! Especially with Ear Stretching!

We hope anyone considering piercing enlargement considers one of the safer methods like Dead Stretching, the Ear Stretching Taping Method, or the Taper Kit Method before going through with the infamous Gauge Punching! Do your research, know the risks, and stay informed! Stay safe and happy healing! Feel free to message us any and all of your piercing or body piercing jewelry questions!

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