Customer Spotlight: Sharing the Love for Our Amazing Community


Pride in Piercings: Honoring Our Stylish Customers and Affiliates!

We love seeing you show off you body piercing jewelry from! Now it's time to show YOU off! Here are some of our favorite photos and videos featuring BM25 body jewelry! It's awesome to see so many different styles have all one thing in common.. body jewelry and body mods! We see you guys rocking septum piercings to industrial piercings all with the coolest body jewelry on the net! At least we can all agree on one thing! Body jewelry just makes someone look so cool! Here are the pictures, videos, and piercing curation that made us go WOW! Maybe you'll even find some style inspiration for your next piercing!

Ear curation piercing inspiration from a BM25 customer featuring abalone teardrop plugs and basic barbells

Silicone Symphony: Tuning into Plugs and Tunnels

This year so far, we see our customers and affiliates are loving our Silicone Plugs and Tunnels! Since we have so many styles and colors, one of our silicone pairs is bound to end up in your plug collection! They're lightweight, flexible, and comfy to sleep in!

"I love them they’re the most comfortable silicone gauges I’ve ever had. Most are either too flimsy and don’t stay on, or they’re too thick and stick out far enough that they’re not comfortable to sleep in 🫠"

Besides Silicone, Stone and Crystal Plugs were a close second in popularity in piercing inspiration! From our Crystal Quartz Tunnel plugs to our Turquoise Stone gauges, we loved how our Piercing Posse styled our jewelry perfect to their accessories and outfits...and hair! Yes, you'll see a lot of cool hair colors in this post! You guys are the perfect style inspiration!


@officialbm25 Silicone Plugs 👂 Perfect for Gaming! 🕹️ Flexible, Lightweight and Barely there! Our Silicone Plugs are easy to sleep in.. and game in! 👾 Try them for yourself while theyre on sale! 👽 #bm25 #bodyjewelry #silicone #siliconeplugs #stretchedears #strechedlobes #bodyjewelry #stretchedpiercings #septumpiercing #piercings #plugs #gauges #bodymodification #silicone #siliconejewelry @barnacleboysleftasscheek ♬ original sound - BM25 Body Jewelry

@officialbm25 🧷 Body Modification Jewelry Haul! 👽✨ Whats the most outrageous Body Modification you would get?! From Stone and Wood plugs to Stretched Septum Jewelry, you can find all you need for your piercings in one place! 👃 👂 BM25 is for the passionate piercing people! 👽 #bm25 #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #stretchedearlobes #gauges #plugs #stoneplugs #stonejewelry #bodyjewlery #bodymodifications #bodymods #piercings #piercingaddict #piercinglovers #menwithpiercingsandtattoos #tattoos #menwithpiercings #bodymods @psikosatanhimself ♬ original sound - BM25 Body Jewelry

As plugs and gauges and septum piercings become more and more popular as the years go by, the more styles and materials get introduced! We have Wooden plugs, Stainless Steel, Titanium and more! Because, hey, different people need different things! And we're so happy to offer a wide rage of Glass, Brass, Stone, Crystal, and more! All for adorning your beautiful stretched ears! If you're not sure what type of plug you need or what gauge, you can measure your piercing and head over to our Size Conversion Guide! Additionally, you can head over to your local piercer for a sizing or purchase a Ring Sizer Tool to measure the milimeters of your piercing yourself! We hope you find some style inspiration through our amazing customers! Have your piercing inspiration in mind when picking out new jewelry!

Septum Piercing Success: How You Rocked Our Rings Beyond Expectations!

 From Medusa's to Eyebrow Piercings, our customers rocked our jewelry like no other! Combining bright colors with bold barbells gives off a vibe so unique that only our Piercing Posse can pull off! Of course our Basic Barbells and Horsehoe Barbells came in top place! Of course they did, they look good on everyone! We saw our Goth girls rock our Spider Clicker Rings and our Golden Goddesses gleam in their 14Karat Gold Hoops.

The Septum piercing is nothing new but they way you style it is all the difference! As a rise in Septum Stacking continues, we see more and more innovative Septum piercing styles that involve multiple rings or thicker gauge rings! Piercing stretching in general is on the rise including stretched Lip Labrets, stretched Nostril piercings, and even stretched Cheek Piercings!

@officialbm25 👃Septum Stacking requires you stretching your Septum Piercing! 👃How large is up to you! 💫 2gauge and larger Septum Piercings can fit over 4 seperate clicker hoop rings! How many would you rock?! Remember to always keep your largest piercing jewelry hoop at the back of your septum stack! 💉👃 #septumstacking #septumstack #stretchedpiercings #stretchedseptum #septumpiercing #septum #14kgold #clickerhoops #seamlessclickerhoops #bodyjewelry #piercingjewelry #bm25 #piercing #piercinglovers #piercingaddict #piercingcheck #piercings @piixiequeen ♬ original sound - BM25 Body Jewelry

Ear-Resistible: How Your Bold Piercing Curations Blew Us Away!

Ear piercing inspiration featuring BM25's Serpent stud labret and Teardrop double flared plugs.

  Bm25 customer wearing a Blackline Industrial piercing barbellFacial piercing inspiration featuring BM25's Blue fire opal rings and studs

Your bold piercing curations have got us swooning! Septum stacks and Daith piercings galore! We love a carefully planned ear! We also love the chaos of big, chunky, and bold body jewelry pieces especially in industrial piercings! Fire Opal has always been a popular body jewelry stone but we loved seeing how you guys styled it! With all the matching Fire Opal you can think of, planning an Opal Piercing Curation sounds... FIRE!

If you're a little hesitant on creating a matching piercing curation with your current piercings, let us help you! We have dozens of pre-planned piercing packs in the shop with gorgeous complimentary styled pieces! We have packs for every piercing from Industrial piercings to septum piercings! If pre-planned packs of body jewelry isn't your thing, feel free to message us to help you plan your prefect piercing curation! We'd love to help and listen to all your piercing and body mod concerns!

Facial piercing inspiration featuring BM25's Fire Opal Turan Septum Clicker ring and Fire opal basic clicker and stud.Ear piercing inspiration featuring a curated ear of golden body jewelry from

@officialbm25 👃 Septum Ring and Nose Stud try on! 👃What did you get in your BM25 Body Jewelry haul?! 🖤 Some new plugs? Nose Rings? Belly Rings? Plug Hoops?! Show us your haul! ✨ #BodyMod #bodymodification #BM25 #piercings #BodyJewelry #BodyPiercingJewelry #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #stretchedpiercings #gauges #earplugs #septumjewelry #septumrings #septumpiercings #haul #jewelryhaul #septumjewelry ♬ original sound - BM25 Body Jewelry

A Special Tribute to Our Beautiful and Bold Customers and Affiliates

 Piercing inspiration for ears and septum stack featuring BM25 customer wearing large crocodile wood gauges with a 14k gold septum piercing ring stack.

Thank you again to all of our gorgeous customers who like to show off our jewelry through pictures, reels, and vlogs! Spreading piercing style inspiration to those who want it! From Industrial or Septum piercings to 3" inch gauges, you guys rocked it! Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you made it on to our first customer photo blog so we can properly tag your social media profile! Keep them coming and you might earn some free jewelry for your septum piercing! Or maybe your next ear curation! We might've missed your BM25 content or reel! So make sure to use the hashtag #LoveBM25 and Tag us at @Officialbm25 across all platforms to be featured!

 Feel free anytime to message us any of your piercing or body modification questions to or simply stop by any of our social media profiles!

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