2024 Piercing Style Trend Forecast!

Goodbye 2023 and hello to new ear and nose piercing styles and body jewelry trends in the coming year! We saw the rise in popularity of the septum ring, medusa and finally eyebrow piercings. Finally, let's dive into the forecasted trends for 2024 as predicted by BM25!
Young woman with high nostril piercings and golden septum ring jewelry

Frontal Nostril Piercing Styles
The first trend expected to make waves in the piercing scene this year are Frontal Nose Piercings! These unique piercings come in various positions which includes the High Nostril and Septril which provides a front-facing aesthetic. We've seen a surge in popularity last year and we predict it will continue throughout 2024. These piercings are noteably seen with stud jewelry!

Septum Stacking Styles

Building on the septum nose piercing style from the previous year, a second trend has emerged! Septum stacking has arrived but what exactly is septum jewlery stacking? In the same way how various piercings can be stretched, the same applies to septum piercings! We've observed subtle stretches of about 10g, fitting about three septum rings, and larger stacks of 8 gauge and above usually fit three or more curated septum rings in one piercing! Check out our affiliate @PiixieQueen as she shows off a stunning stack of 14k gold septum rings from BM25.

Cyber and Tribal Inspired Piercings

The Cyber and Tribal inspired ear hangers are a modern take on traditional jewelry designs. Influenced by tribal aesthetics, this classic form of body modification helps with stretching and comes in various materials from steel to wood. As the "cyber" and "tribal" style movements continue to rise, we predict this trend will be popular, especially within music scenes and among performers, as it is as an accessory that ensures attention.

Coin Slot Style Piercings

Young alternative woman wearing a coinslot ear piercing
Lastly, a somewhat new concept is the coin slot ear piercing style which is achieved through the stretching of a cartilage piercing and this trend is expected to gain huge traction in 2024! Stretched piercings, beyond the usual stretched ears, are expected to be widely embraced, particularly when paired with other piercings. The coin slot piercing is often shown carrying multiple clicker rings and presents a unique look for those seeking a unique piercing style.

Take care of those trendy piercings all 2024 long!

Young woman with long red nails and septum piercing with higher nostril studs
Before diving into these Body Modification trends, it's important to know your correct piercing size and the size you're aiming for. Prioritize proper care for your piercings by using Piercing Aftercare Spray, and nourish them during the stretching process with oils or moisturizing ear care creams.

Additional Piercing Trends

In addition to these popular trends, here's a short list of other piercing trends expected to dominate 2024:
  • Maximalist Piercings 
  • Double Belly Rings
  • Double Eyebrow Piercings
  • Stretched Conch
    Stay informed, experiment responsibly, and make a bold statement with the latest piercing trends of 2024!


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