Valentines Body Jewelry for your lover


The Perfect Valentine's Day Body Jewelry for your Lover!

Love is in the air, and with Valentine's Day approaching, it's time to adorn yourself or your loved one with the sweetest and most alluring jewelry from! Explore our curated selection designed to add a touch of romance, and be sure to order early to ensure you receive your jewelry in time for Valentine's Day. Let us showcase the perfect pieces that await you and make this Valentine's celebration truly special!

Nipple Barbells and Shield Body Jewelry

Enhance your Valentine's Day with nipple barbells, shields, and clips, perfect for both women and men. Contrary to common belief, nipple piercings can be a discreet yet alluring addition, meant to be shared with special individuals. Explore heart-shaped and Valentine's Day-themed nipple jewelry at, adding a touch of intimacy and style to your celebration.


triple heart shape nipple barbells on top of the packaging labelheart shaped valentines day body jewelry


VCH Body Jewelry

VCH stands for Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing, a less common but intimate piercing. For Valentine's Day, consider adorning yourself or a loved one with heart-shaped jewelry and barbells to celebrate this unique piercing. Explore our selection, including fiery opal options, and ignite a spark of passion with distinctive and alluring jewelry.

VCH valentines day body jewelry


Tongue Barbells

Tongue rings and barbells are timeless jewelry we've seen in movies and real life. Once your tongue piercing is healed, you can switch out the jewelry for a variety of styles, from cute unicorn barbells to spooky spiders, creating a cool and unique look. Surprise your lover with lovely tongue rings – our favorite is the heart barbells available in a range of colors! They won't be disappointed with this choice of Valentines day jewelry!

 teal, pink, black, and red heart shaped tongue barbells for valentines day body jewelry

Belly Rings

Another classic piercing is the belly ring, often regarded as a more intimate choice that has been popular for decades in various forms. Whether you prefer a sexy dangle ring or a minimalistic design, the options are endless. One of our favorite pieces is the 14k gold Hollow Heart Floret Sparkle Belly Button Ring, also available in 14-karat white gold. Show your love through karats with the perfect valentines day jewelry.

heart shaped valentines day jewelry belly rings

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    Yes, we have Body Jewelry Packs including a few different varieties of Belly Rings!
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    Gotta get my girl these do you have packs of belly rings tho?

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