Piercings You Can Hide at Work


Concealable Piercings; Piercings you can Hide at Work

young woman with cartilage piercings

As we step into a new era, the acceptance of piercings and tattoos in the global workforce is gaining ground! The dilemma arises – how do you maintain your unique style in a professional setting that might not be entirely receptive to alternative looks? Fear not, as we dive into the world of "office-acceptable" piercings you can hide at work!

Concealable Piercings You Can Hide at Work

  1. Industrial Piercings (Scaffold Piercings): Also referred to as a Scaffold, the industrial piercing is actually two piercings that can be hidden! It involves one piercing on the upper cartilage and another across from it on the opposite side of the top cartilage. Typically, people adorn this piercing with a barbell approximately 1.5 inches in length, allowing you to easily hide it behind your hair!
  1. Septum Piercings: A septum piercing is a versatile choice for those working in a traditional setting. The invention of the Horseshoe Barbell makes it easy to hide this piercing! To hide the piercing you can just flip the Horseshoe Barbell up into your nose! This trick is safe even during the healing process allowing you to maintain your style without attention from your boss, unless, of course, you choose to share your secret!

  2. Cartilage Piercings: Positioned on the ear, cartilage piercings are another tame and widely accepted piercing in office environments. The ear's location has easy concealment with your hair and additionally,  most professional settings welcome cartilage piercings. The acceptability also depends on the choice of jewelry – whether you opt for a super bold  death skull charm for the weekends or a subtle 14k gold stud for a more minimalist look, the decision is yours!

  3. Tragus Piercings:

    A very unique ear piercing located at the bottom of the ear's opening, tragus piercings are relatively lower on the pain scale. They are considered more traditional because they're located on the ear. Their smaller size allows for easy minimization and along with the right choice of jewelry, it makes it suitable for a corporate environment.

  4. Smiley Piercings: Facial piercings may seem challenging in a professional setting, but the smiley piercing offers a discreet option. Located in the mouth under the upper lip, the piercing can be effectively hidden with a careful selection of jewelry. Using the same Horseshoe Barbell trick mentioned earlier for Septum Piercings can also come in handy. TGFHB – Thank Goodness For Horseshoe Barbells!

Don't Compromise your Style, get a Piercing you can Hide!

Don't let the constraints of a corporate job hold back your personal expression! Embrace the opportunity to adorn yourself with piercings that align with your style. And remember, staying informed about piercing hygiene is crucial. So go ahead, get that piercing, keep it, and let your individuality shine in the corporate world!

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