January's Finest: Our Staff Picks for a Stylish Start to the Year


A Curated Collection of January's Trendsetting Staff Picks

Hello 2024 and hello to new body piercing jewelry! We're here to show off our hottest selections and staff picks for January! This month, we're really feeling that golden goddess vibe along with natural elements like Abalone or Mother of Pearl! Let's get into it!

Young blonde woman wearing a nose hoop on one side and the bm25 star clicker body jewelry ring on the other side. Underneath the photo is someone wearing our Staff Pick Serpent Septum Clicker


Gilded Elegance: Unveiling the Timeless Charm of Golden Body Jewelry

One of our favorites this month is the Star Shaped Clicker Ring available in not only Gold but silver and rose gold! We've seen our loyal customers use this ring in so many ways and in so many different piercings! It looks so unique in a Rook or daith piercing as well as a unique choice for a nose hoop!
@officialbm25 🐍 Snakes symbolize tranformation, rebirth, protection, and healing in cultures across the world! 🐍 Are snakes more of a negative or positive symbol to you? 👀 👂 Our Serpent and Snake collection of Ear weights and Hangers come in gold, silver, and rose gold! 👂 📍Plugs and Tunnels 📍Ear Weights and Hangers 📍Plug Hoops and Earrings and other body modification jewelry from BM25 #bm25 #lovebm25 #snakes #serpents #snakejewelry #earhangers #plugs #shoppingaddict#tunnels #tunnelplugs #bodymods #bodymodification #symbolism #serpentjewelry #snaketok #stretchedears #stretchedearlobes #stretchedlobes #plughoop #earweights #earhangers #gauges #summer #summervibes #beachvibes #piercing #piercinglovers #piercingcheck #piercingtok #snakescales #fashiontiktok #summertime #accessories @cesspooool#voiceover ♬ original sound - blipstudio


Golden Allure

Golden hues are timeless and make your jewelry look more elegant in its own way. Doesn't it just remind you of kings and queens and crowns?! Simply timeless! Pair any golden nose hoop with a septum ring for a truly regal look.
Another Fave this month, our slithering Golden Snake Septum Clicker, which is also used as a cartilage or lobe piercing. The star of the show is the fine detail of the slithering snake scales and antique vibes. Additionally, this clicker is Stainless Steel and is perfect for giving you that Medusa look.
Another timeless body jewelry, classic, and all around comfortable and stylish staff pick choice is our Golden Clicker Rings! They come in so many sizes, for fitting almost any piercing you can think of from nipple piercings to septum.
They truly provide so many different looks, depending on how you style them! One of our fave looks is hanging a Clicker Hoop Ring through your stretched ear, which really shows off your jewelry in the brightest light. We also love our basic hoops in multiples as we've seen many customers stacking these hoops in their stretched septum piercings, stretched lobes, coin slot piercings, and so much more! Yay for body jewelry stacking!
@faerysunshine Thank you @BM25 Body Jewelry for these beautiful plugs and hoops!! #stretchedears #bodyjewelry ♬ original sound - Abs


Featuring a young woman wearing Abalone Shell Plugs along side someone wearing the BM25 Brass Hoop Ear Hanger Body Jewelry


Beyond Beauty: Exploring the Allure of Abalone Plugs in Ear Piercings

Abalone body jewelry has always been one of our top picks! You get to carry a piece of the ocean with you, how amazing is that?! One of our favorites is our Pair of Abalone Inlay Double Flared Ear Gauge Plugs. Featuring a layer of natural Abalone that honestly, no picture does justice. These treasures are found on the beach with gorgeous hues of green, pearl, and blue. But if you don't want to head all the way to the beach, we have beautiful natural abalone in the shop!


Abalone, also known as Haliotis Iris, Paua Shells, Nacre, Mother-of-Pearl, Aulon, and Sea ear, comes in various names. These sea snails have ear-shaped shells made of tiny calcium carbonate pieces. They grow by feeding on seaweed like kelp! The diverse seaweed varieties contribute to the stunning green and blue hues in their shells. Beyond its aesthetic appeal in body jewelry, Abalone is said to enhance psychic development and intuition! Rumor has it that it helps you express your emotions more clearly!


Brass Body Jewelry

These are a star of its own! With its unique endings, our Pair of Solid Copper Spiral Hoop Ear Weight Hangers are a statement piece! It comes in 8g, 6g, and 4gauge for a personalized fit! Additionally, these are great for hanging in your ear with direct skin contact and also they look amazingly unique hanging from a pair of tunnel plugs. Keep your hoops on with stretched ears! Furthermore, make sure to keep your Brass Body Jewelry clean by wiping it down often to keep that Brass shining! As most metals tarnish, so can Brass! We suggest an occasional polishing with a micro-fiber cloth and a dab of oil to help make your jewelry last.

Brass, having said to have metaphysical healing properties, can boost the immune system and give you courage! Some people believe when you rock Brass Jewelry often, it kind of soaks up your body chemistry, showing off your unique personal energy vibe. Many people wear Brass Body Piercing Jewelry to bring good vibes into themselves and their homes, and that's a pretty cool concept.

Finally, we hope you have the most stylish year you've ever had! Bring in that good energy and upgrade your style while doing it! Make sure to tag us with the hashtag #LoveBm25 so we can check out your amazing curated body jewelry looks!
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