Septum piercings have gained a lot of attention for the uniqueness of its piercing placement. Want a septum piercing, but still unsure? Well, here is all you need to know about septum piercing.

  1. What is a septum piercing?
  2. Cost
  3. Measurements?
  4. Aftercare | Healing Process
  5. What types of material is used?
  6. The Fun Part




What is a Septum Piercing?

A Septum Piercing is a piercing in the center part of the nostril that separates the right and left nostril. The piercing is done between the hard cartilage and the soft tissue at the bottom of your nose.

When getting pierced, piercers use a clamp that has holes on each side. They clamp the center part of the inside of your nose, where they can then insert the needle through the holes, making a septum piercing!


How much?

It varies from each local piercer. It will can most likely be around anywhere from $40-$100.


Measurement of the Septum?

Piercers often use the common sizes of 18GA or 20GA. Many times, the best size depends on each person’s nose anatomy. If you would like a particular size, ask your local piercer as they will most likely let you know what is best for your nose piercing. Once the septum piercing is healed, you can most definitely size up to bigger gauges.


Aftercare | Fully healing your septum piercing

Once you have your beautifully done septum piercing, the aftercare begins. The healing process is different for many people. Some may heal their septum after 2 to 3 months, while it may take others 6 to 8 months. It mostly depends on how well you care for your piercing.

Once you have your nose pierced, your piercer will let you know how to care for your piercing, if they don't, ask what they recommend. If it is a new piercing, you would need to clean your piercing at least 3 times a day.

One way to clean is by using sea salt and water mixture. Another way to clean and heal your septum piercing is using an aftercare solution. Our shop has aftercare solution, NeilMed Fine Mist Piercing Aftercare Spray, which offers an effective way to soothe and provide relief to freshly pierced skin.


NeilMed Fine Mist Piercing Aftercare Spray (6 Fl. Oz)


Once the first few months of caring for your gorgeous piercing, is complete, you can now look into other materials to insert into your piercing.


What materials are used?

The most common materials for septum piercings are stainless steel, Implant Grade Titanium, and 14 Karat Solid Gold. Many stainless steel are plated which come with a variety of cute designs. Our store comes with a selection of cute to spooky rings to fit your style. Although, if you have had any reaction to the plated jewelry (i.e. necklace, bracelet, rings, etc), you should choose a different option of materials.

Butterfly Goddess Sparkle Clicker Hoop Ring

A great material to have for a septum piercing or any piercing is Implant Grade Titanium. This material is a higher grade of material than stainless steel. Many people buy Titanium made jewelry for their nose rings because it is less likely to corrode or rust under most circumstances. We offer Titanium to our customers as the jewelry would last longer and is also hypoallergenic.

Implant Grade Titanium Blackline Brilliant Sparkle Gems Front Lined Clicker Hoop Ring


As for a more luxurious material, there are 14-Karat solid gold types of septum rings. This material is more on the pricey side of materials, but they look amazing. 14-Karat solid gold not only look elegant and beautiful, they are more durable, so they are less likely to get scratches or dents.

 14 Karat White Gold Cascading Fire Opal Prong Set Lined Seamless Clicker Hoop Ring

Body Jewelry, regardless of the material, will require an extra care as the material is inserted into the flesh. It is always important to keep your jewelry safe from moisture or take off during heavy activity.

If you need to clean your jewelry, always use warm water and mild soap. Never use alcohol or any chemicals, as they may cause discoloration or other adverse reactions to the jewelry. Always dry your body and jewelry thoroughly before reinserting. Be sure to use soft non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching the metal.


The Fun Part

Now, that you researched your septum piercing, pierced and finished the aftercare process, the fun begins.

You can look for many types of designs and styles! Our shop,, offers a bunch of great jewelry. From plated to 14 Karat jewelry, we have what you want.

If you are looking for something durable, try our 14 Karat septum clickers. Our 14-Karat rings come in different designs.

 14 Karat Gold Brilliant Sparkle Double Lined Gems Seamless Clicker Hoop Ring

Implant Titanium

Looking for long-lasting, hypoallergenic yet amazing septum rings, then try our Implant Grade Titanium septum rings. Our titanium rings also come in different styles. We have clicker hoops or bendable hoops to easily take in or out your jewelry.

 Implant Grade Titanium Golden Diamond Cut Faceted Seamless Clicker Hoop Ring

Septum Packages

Want nose rings with different styles or colors, then our Septum Package Deals are just for you! A few of our packages have rings that can be used for the septum or any other suitable piercing!

 4 Pcs of Assorted Multi-Gem Lined Bendable Hoop Ring Package

Want a break from your jewelry once in a while? Give our Septum Retainers a try! These are perfect if you want to let your piercing rest for wearing different types of material. Septum retainers are also good if you are getting surgery done that requires you to take off your jewelry. 

Bio-Flexible Soft Touch Septum Retainer

Unpierced Septum Piercing?

Still deciding if you should get a septum ring? Try our non-piercing rings. We have many designs to choose from elegant to cute. And the best part of non-piercing septum rings? There is no commitment to having a septum ring. If you do end up with a septum piercing, you are always welcome to look at our shop for the many septum rings.

 Blackline Spiderweb Fake Septum Clip-On Ring

While you look for a septum piercing, you can also shop for your other types of piercings, from ear to nipple jewelry. We offer different materials for the different types of jewelry.


Implant Grade Titanium Square Pyramid Prism Cascade Clicker Hoop Ring

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