Nose Rings and everything to know before getting one!


Everything to know before getting a nose ring:

You may find yourself pondering about piercing your nose, but you aren’t quite sure if you can make the commitment. Here is some information that may make your decision easier. This type of piercing isn't new. Nose piercings have been around for centuries and have cemented their place as one of the most popular piercings. There are so many types of nose rings to choose from and piercing placements to decide between.

What is a nose piercing?

Nose Piercings go through the soft cartilage that surrounds the outside of the nasal passage. The piercing can be placed anywhere on the nostril. When it comes to nose piercings, your options are practically endless, from a multitude of nose ring styles to studs and everything in-between. With nose rings, you really have the power to express your style with so many different jewelry options.

Getting your nose pierced:

When you decide to pierce your nose, piercers usually choose between 18-20 Gauge. On average, the pain level of receiving a nose piercing is only a 5 out of ten, so the majority of people have no problem receiving the piercing. When healing, it is important to use a saline solution like our NeilMed Fine Mist Piercing Aftercare Spray. Keeping your piercing clean is absolutely crucial in the healing process. Unlike other piercings, a nostril piercing only takes 3-4 months to heal. Once healed, you get to experience all the joy of choosing your new jewelry.

Types of materials used for nose rings:

Types of materials used for nose piercings are Implant Grade Titanium, 14-Karat Gold, and 316L Stainless steel. These materials are ideal for piercings since they have less of a risk of developing infections or reactions.


Implant Grade Ti 6Al-4V ELI ASTM-F136 is what we offer to our customers, and it’s the highest quality of Titanium. Titanium can come in a variety of different colors while PVD coated. It can also come in the traditional polished steel color.If weight is an issue, Titanium is also super lightweight, so it is a favorite of many when compared to steel. Titanium is considered hypoallergenic, so If you have sensitive skin, Titanium is the perfect choice for your piercing. Titanium will not tarnish and is perfect for long-term wear and initial piercings.

316L Stainless Steel:

316L Stainless Steel is another great material for nose piercings. They are considered hypoallergenic for most and are durable as well. To prolong the life of your jewelry, remove it before swimming, showering, and exercising as well as avoiding chemicals.

14 Karat Solid Gold:

We carry a vast range of 14K Solid Gold items; from Navels Piercing, Flat back Labret studs, Curved Barbells, Nipple Shields, Nose, Barbells, CBRs, Replacement Parts, and many more. All our Gold is nickel-free and safe to use in any piercing. 14K Gold is an ideal metal for people with sensitive skin. Our gold jewelry is available in both white gold and yellow gold for those who prefer white (steel color) metal to a yellow one. We also offer a few 14 Karat Solid Gold Rose Gold options. Also, there is a Genuine 14KT imprint stamp on all our “Real Gold” items. If you are picky with your jewelry and have a more careful approach in choosing piercing accessories, it is better to buy 14K Solid Gold jewelry.

Nose Ring Styling:

If you are worried about the security of your nose ring, you may want to try the classic nose hoop whether bendable or a clicker, you can have your nose piercing secure all day without worrying about it falling out. The OneFit Threadless nose labrets as well as standard flat back labrets are another great option for nose piercings. The styling options are truly endless!

If you are more daring, you may want to try the new Dangle Nose rings styles. Dangle Nose Rings usually have a charm, or a chain attached to the stud that really amps up the look of the jewelry. You must be bold to wear this type of style but those who can pull it off really shine and stand out from the crowd.

Types of Nose Ring Styles:

Types of styles offered for nose piercings are straight studs, also known as nose bones, L-shaped nose rings, nose screws, nose hoops, captive bead rings and flat back labrets, clicker hoops and bendable hoop rings. A new trendy and practical style of nose ring is threadless. With our OneFit Threadless system, you can leave your post inside your nostril while it is healing and switch out the top piece whenever you like. For those who are fashionistas, you can’t pick a better style.

Some people like to use L-shaped nose rings for their initial piercing. The L- Shape seems to be the most popular with people getting their initial piercings. Even for healed piercings, the L-shape remains one of the most popular styles due to the ease or switching out the jewelry and the security it provides once inserted.

Straight Studs, or nose bones are also extremely easy to switch out. nose bones have a small bead like end that is at the bottom of the stud. The purpose of this end is to be just large enough to not stretch out your piercing but still hold the piece in place without it falling out.

Nose Screws are very popular among active people since the shape of the screw holds the piercing jewelry in place. Bendable hoop rings are also popular due the their shape. All you have to do is twist the ring to separate enough of a gap to insert the piercing jewelry through the hole. Once inserted, the jewelry reforms into its circle shape and is very secure.


Choosing the size of a nose ring will depend on a few key factors. Firstly, the placement of your piercing will determine the bar length, along with the thickness of your nostrils. Nostril thickness varies drastically from person to person, so leave it up to your piercer to choose the best size for your nose. Keep in mind that they may choose a longer bar than usual to allow for swelling. Also, the gauge size you’re pierced will determine the size of jewelry you will need to purchase from there on out. Make sure they choose either 18 gauge or 20 gauge for your piercing.

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