Silicone Body Jewelry: Pros and Cons


Understanding Silicone Body Jewelry: Pros, Cons, and Care Tips

Silicone body jewelry in different colors from

When you think of silicone body jewelry, a set of plugs and gauges may come to mind. And you might not think about water proof jewelry! But if you don't have stretched ears, you may not know how deep theis rabbit hole goes! Let us remind you about all the pros and cons of wearing silicone body jewelry! Let's go!


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Silicone Jewelry: The Secret to Hiding Your Piercings

People also use silicone body jewelry as piercing retainers! Sometimes when stretching a piercing, or while doing hardcore activity, people will wear retainers! Whether its for a septum, lip, or other piercing, retainers offer a flexible experience! Who would've thought?! They're also great for hiding piercings at work or the office! They come in colors but a popular choice is clear! Hide your piercings for a special event! Or maybe hide them from grandma!

Wearing piercing retainers offers a simple and affordable way to mix up your jewelry vibes! Silicone and Bio-flex comes in all colors! You can easily have some fun with mixing and matchin' colors and styles! How fun! AND they're flexible too so no worries about getting into any heavy duty activities! Silicone jewelry is water proof AND sweat proof! Wear them at your next swimming competition! Or maybe your next day by the pool!

Waterproof and Stylish: Silicone for Pool and Wet Activities

It's Summer, so of course we're all looking for waterproof body jewelry to show off! A benefit of flexible plastics is that they're tarnish and chip proof! Yay! Unlike plated and PVD covered jewelry, silicone jewelry can be fully submerged in water without any unwanted effects! Silicone does not rust and wont turn your skin green like copper and nickel. When done with the minimal look, you can easily switch them out pain free! They are ultra flexible and can bend with your anatomy, preventing keloids and irritation!

Our modded workout junkies love our silicone pieces! Because they're so easy to clean and sweat in, they're the perfect fit! No pun intended! Just sturdy enough for the gym, silicone plugs and jewelry is meant to withstand the elements! Unlike Steel and Titanium jewelry, they dont get colder in the winter. Silicone plugs wont make your ears freeze. In fact, many people switch out their stone or steel plugs during colder seasons due to the infamous cold ear plug!

Water proof and sweat proof silicone body jewelry from

Budget-Friendly Backup: Silicone Jewelry

Silicone is one of the most affordable materials for body jewelry! It doesn't last as long as 14 Karat Gold or Titanium. But maybe you wont want it to last that long! As Silicone is a type of plastic and not metal, wearing it in freshly healed piercings may cause some complications. Fresh piercings require a sturdy piece in them to hold the piercing placement. As new piercings are quite like open wounds. They also require a non bacteria holding metal! Its suggested to use silicone and bio-flex in only fully healed piercings.

Shine On: How to Properly Clean Your Silicone Body Jewelry

Silicone should be taken care of with some TLC, just like other jewelry pieces. Wash them often with a gentle anti bacterial soap and water. Although no micro fiber cloth is needed, wiping them down prolongs the smooth texture of your silicone jewelry or plugs. Try avoiding alcohol and hydrogen peroxide when cleaning your flexible body jewelry. Harsh chemicals tend to cause erosion and can even cause micro-pockets in plastics. This can lead to bacteria buildup or even smelly jewelry or piercings. Yikes! No matter the material or metal, to keep your jewelry looking nice and new, always give them an occasional cleaning with a light dab of moisturizing oil!

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