Everything you need to know about Labret Piercings


Everything you need to know about Labret Piercings

Young woman with standard Labret piercing using Labret lip jewelry from bm25.com

Labret Lip Piercing Placement and Variations

The Labret, also pronounced like "La-bray", is a Lip piercing style consisting of one single hole. Typically centered right below the lip line, there are also many variations of a this piercing! Such as the Lowbret (placed lower than average). And the Side Labret Piercings (asymmetrical, or pierced on either side instead of center). People have called different piercings a Labret because of the type of jewelry. This may be a little confusing at first but we'll get to the bottom of it! Medusa piercings, cyber bites, snake bites and more have all commonly in the past been called Labret piercings. When in fact, they all can adorn labret body jewelry pieces.

A Type of Piercing but also a Type of Body Jewelry

Labret body jewelry typically consists of two separate pieces. They come together to provide a super secure fit after putting into your piercing. These pieces are either Threaded or Threadless. This means you will either have to screw them on like a regular barbell, OR push fit them together to wear.

The Features of a Labret Piece of Body Jewelry

Specifically Flatback and Ballback labrets have two parts to them. The post and the top or end piece. This type of jewelry is most comfortable and less abrasive with a flat backing. These pieces of jewelry have flat-back side pieces that lay on your skin. They lay comfortable inside of your mouth and on your gums.

Threadless Labrets

Threadless jewelry does not screw on, but instead are held together by tension. These particular Labrets have a small inner pin that is slightly bent and inserted into the hollow post, causing a tension hold. Many pierced individuals like this type of labret. They're typically easier to change out and mix and match! OneFit Threadless pieces are gauge interchangeable. Meaning whatever gauge post you choose, the Threadless labret top will fit perfectly!

Threaded Labrets

Threaded Labrets mean the jewelry is screw on to secure closed. Like typical externally threaded barbells, you can insert and secure these Labrets the same way. Just with a different and flat backing. This type of labret is typically more affordable than Threadless Labrets since they are more generic. Threaded Labrets can either be Externally or Internally Threaded.


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Threadless Labret piercing jewelry from BM25.com's OneFit collection.

Pricing and Healing Time

Labret lip piercings start to fully heal after 6 - 8 weeks or longer. Healing always depends on placement as well as your specific body anatomy. Some may heal faster and some may take longer.

These piercings can cost anywhere from $5 to $100 depending on style, material, and retailer. Styles in Stainless steel, acrylic, or bio-flex and silicone are the most affordable. Higher quality labret pieces are manufactured in 14 karat Gold, Titanium, and more longer lasting materials. You can also adorn your piercing with Bendable Hoops, Clicker Rings, Captive Bead Rings and more! Evidently, Flatback studs</a> are the most comfortable and better to be used as daily wear!

How Painful is a Labret Piercing?

Because this piercing does not go through your delicate lip tissue, this piercing tends to be less painful than other lip and mouth punctures. Sometimes piercings like The Ashley, Jestrum Piercing, and Angel Bites can hurt the most. It's because the piercing needle goes through the lip itself. Piercing through lip tissue can get pretty sensitive. Labret Lip piercings typically are less painful. Especially because the needle only makes one single hole through the skin.

Aftercare and Hygiene

Like all piercings, Labrets should be kept clean. Avoid using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and opt for a gentle anti bacterial soap and warm water. You can also useย  Aftercare Spray and after care wipes to keep your piercing free of bacteria build up! Sometimes when you don't take proper care of your piercings, they can start to smell! Yikes!

Like all piercings, you should avoid changing out your initial jewelry until fully healed! Initial piercings use high grade metals like 14 Karat gold or Implant Grade Titanium. These metals are less likely to collect bacteria or initial piercing scabbing. Taking out your jewelry too early can result in infection and even your piercing hole closing!

Labret Lip Piercing Tips:

    • Be careful of food, makeup, moisturizer and other things you put on your face. They may end up caught in the jewelry. Make sure to clean your fresh piercing often to ensure fast and healthy healing!
    • Foreign liquids and other things getting in your fresh piercing hole can prolong the healing process. This means you wont get to switch out your jewelry as soon as you wanted to!
    • Limit touching your new piercing or playing with the jewelry! Easier said than done, you'll thank yourself in the long run when you have a perfectly healed piercing!
    • Beware of spicy foods! This can burn the inside of your mouth that is still trying to heal. Also beware of smoke and Alcohol and other things that you put in your mouth.
    • Alcohol can also lower your ability to heal your piercing as fast as you can!

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