Lip Piercing Styles


Lip Piercing Styles

Lip piercings can be extremely diverse since there are so many styles to choose from. Having a lip piercing is a super fun way to express your style and individuality.  From a simple Labret piercing to elaborate decorative piercings. A benefit of getting a lip piercing is that it heals faster than most other piercings. Lip Piercings can completely heal in 10 weeks. As a result, they are very popular. Lip piercings are affordable as well. Here are some unique styles for lip piercings.


Labret Piercing

Labret piercings are your most standard of all the lip piercings. This style usually comes to mind if someone has a lip piercing. Labret piercings are under the lip and above the chin. Some people get this piercing right in the center and others prefer the piercing off to one side of the mouth. Moreover, people claim this piercing to be higher in pain than a standard ear-piercing. This is due to the tissue around your mouth being more sensitive and filled with nerve endings. As a result, it is naturally more painful.  Use flat back labret studs or hoops for this piercing because they will be the most comfortable in your piercing..


Monroe/Madonna Piercing

Placed above the lip and under the nose. The side chosen determines whether you received a Monroe or Madonna. If you have your piercing on the left side of your mouth, just like Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark, then you have a Monroe piercing. If you received your piercing on the right side of your mouth, just like Madonna’s beauty mark, you received a Madonna piercing.This piercing takes around 8-12 weeks to heal. Many find themselves able to switch out their jewelry within 3-6 weeks. Use Flat Back Labret studs for this piercing.


Medusa Piercing

Medusa piercings also know as the Philtrum Piercing. This is because the actual piercing travels through the philtrum area of your face. The philtrum area of your face is right under your septum and above your upper lip. The only variation of this piercing is having multiple piercings within the same middle area. Medusa piercings typically heal in 6-12 weeks. Use Flat Back Labret Studs for this piercing.


Jestrum Piercing

When you have a jestrum piercing, you have two holes, one through your philtrum and the other coming out from the center of your upper lip. Known as a Medusa Piercing. This piercing can take 6 months to heal fully. Be aware that the outside of the piercing will appear healed within 4-12 weeks, but the inside will need another month or two to heal completely. Use curved barbells and hoops for this piercing.


Vertical Labret Piercing

Vertical labret piercings are when you're pierced from the bottom of your lip out through the middle of your bottom lip. This piercing Is just like the jestrum piercing, only on the bottom lip.  It can take between 6-8 weeks to appear as if the piercing has healed but really, it will take around 6 months for the inside to heal completely. Use curved barbells and hoops for this piercing.


Horizontal Labret Piercing

Horizontal lip piercings are when a single horizontal puncture is centered on the thickest part of your bottom lip. The curved barbell is placed horizontally, below your bottom lip. Both ball ends are visible with this piercing.  Horizontal labret piercings can take up to 8 weeks to heal. Use curved barbells for this piercing.


Snake Bites Piercing

A Snake Bite Piercing is when you get a labret piercing on both sides of your bottom lip. The goal of this piercing is to appear as though a snake has bitten you. Snake Bite’s usually take between 4-6 weeks to heal. Unlike other lip piercings on our list, Snake Bite piercings can be adorned by more than a standard labret. Flat back labret studs, captive bead rings, horseshoes barbells and curved barbells can all be worn in snake bite piercings.


Spider Bites Piercing

A Spider Bite piercing is when you have two piercings right next to each other on either side of your bottom lip. This piercing mimics the appearance of a spider bite. This piercing heals quickly in 2-3 months if you follow all care instructions. You can use many different jewelry options for this piercing.


Angel Bites Piercing

Angel bite piercings are when you have a piercing on both sides of your upper lip. These piercings known as an angel’s kiss piercing. It is equivalent to having a Madonna and Monroe piercing at the same time. Healing time for a snake bite piercing is just around 3 months. Use Flat Back Labrets for this piercing.


Cyber Bites Piercing

A cyber bite piercing is when you are pierced the center of your philtrum and under your bottom lip. This is also known as a Medusa piercing or center labret piercing. These two will create a straight line down your face, enhancing your bodies natural symmetry. Healing time for snake bites is between 6-8 weeks. Use Flat Back Labrets for this piercing.


Dolphin Bites Piercing

Getting a Dolphin piercing is when you have two symmetrical labret piercings directly under & centered on your bottom lip. It can take between 6-8 weeks for this piercing to heal. Use Flat Back Labrets for this piercing.


Dahlia Bites Piercing

Dahlia piercings can be quite striking, and means you are pierced in both corners of your mouth. Referred to as the joker piercing for men. Healing time for a Dahlia piercing is between 12-20 weeks. Use Flat Back Labrets for this piercing.


K9 Bites Piercing

A canine bite piercing is quite interesting. For this piercing, you must receive four separate piercings. One on each side of your upper lip as well as one on each side of your bottom lip. This style is a combination of snake bites and angel bites. Healing time for a Canine piercing is 8-12 weeks. Use Flat Back Labrets for this piercing.


Shark Bites Piercings

Having a shark bite piercing means you have two labret piercings on each side of your lower lip. It is remarkably like the snake bite piercing only you will have two studs on each side as opposed to two studs on one side.  Healing time for shark bite piercing’s takes 8-12 weeks.


Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercings are when a labret is pierced directly through the center of your bottom lip and out through your mouth. An Ashley piercings can be quite painful due to the needle penetrating directly through very sensitive nerve endings in your bottom lip. It can take up to 16 weeks for an Ashley piercing to heal fully. Use Flat back labrets for this piercing.






In conclusion, no matter which piercing you chose, the styling options are endless. Get creative and check out our Lip Piercing Selection today!

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