Nipple Jewelry: History & Jewelry Styles


Nipple piercings are a form of body modification & self-expression. There are records of nipple piercings first popularized during the 14th Century. Queen Isabella of France is often referred to as the woman who made it acceptable to openly wear nipple piercings during this time. It was so popular wealthy women began adorning their nipples with jewelry to accentuate their low-cut outfits. Nipple jewelry for many women was an expression of their sensuality and art through fashion. American and British solders also popularized the practice during this time. It is reported that after they would finish a crossing, they would pierce a nipple. The practice was re-popularized during the mid to late 1900’s. Nipple piercings play a significant role in today’s body modification, fetish & BDSM communities.

Types of Nipple Jewelry

Straight Barbells

This type of nipple jewelry is by far the most common and #1 recommended style for new nipple piercings. The reason it’s so highly recommended is the straight style is the most comfortable for healing nipples. The barbell style will sit the most comfortably against any shirt choice. Also, the fact that the barbell style sits so flush with the body helps your piercing heal faster. Now let’s talk styling. The style options are endless for straight barbells. You can go from a straight ball end barbell to all the glitz and glam your nipples could ask for. Here are a few examples of BM25’s Nipple Straight Barbell Selection:


Golden Sparkle Lightning Bolt Nipple Barbell Ring with adorable lightening bolts on each end covered in clear gems.
Golden Classic Fluffy Heart Steel Nipple Barbell with rounded fluffy golden hearts on each end that really shine.
Golden Geometric Arrow Sparkles Nipple Barbell with a dazzling arrow on each end covered in sparkling clear gems.


Horseshoe Barbell (Circular)

Circular Barbells are another great style choice. This style used to be considered more masculine but over the years we have created more feminine looking barbells and still carry a large selection of classic horseshoe barbells. This style is comfortable and fashionable. Below are a few examples of the variety of styles BM25 offers for Horseshoe Barbells:   


Opalescent Sparkle Steel Horseshoe Circular Barbell with glistening white fire opal ball ends.


Turquoise Spring Flower Sparkle Horseshoe Circular Barbell with two adorable flowers, one on each side with turquoise petals surrounding an Aurora Borealis gem
Aurora Gem Ball Steel Horseshoe Circular Barbell with steel ball ends covered in Aurora Borealis gems


Nipple Shields

Nipple Shields are pretty extravagant pieces of jewelry that will adorn your nipples in a super flattering way. They can be worn everyday or saved for special occasions. There are plenty of unique designs to choose from. Here are a few examples of some of our nipple shields:            


Golden Ganesha Elephant Sparkle Nipple Shield Ring with gorgeous vintage finish and aqua gems.
Golden Serpent Snake Nipple Shield Ring with stunning snake head and skin finish.
Golden Ranga Ornate Abalone Nipple Shield Ring with vintage finish and a center Abalone shell.


 Nipple Clickers

Nipple clickers are gaining popularity because of how simple they are to put on. The ring itself is secured by a hing that clicks into place. The best part is they are comfortable, glamorous & no more stressing over losing your ball ends. Here are a few examples of the nipple clickers we carry at BM25:            
Golden Camilla Filigree Sparkle Nipple Clicker with three clear gems and gorgeous filigree design.Rose Gold Opal Sparkle Deuce Nipple Clicker with four teal and three white fire opals Golden Victorian Filigree Sparkle Nipple Clicker with five clear gems and stunning filigree design.

Captive Bead Rings

Captive Bead Rings (CBR) have a bead that is held in place by two indentations on either side of the ball. The tension and suspension of the bead is what secures the ring. They are ridiculously cute and stylish but not suggested for freshly pierced nipples. Due to the design some people may end up with a curved or angled piercing if you don’t let them heal fully before wear. Here are a few styles of CBR’s that we carry at BM25:        
Rose Gold Dainty Bow-Tie Sparkle Captive Bead Ring with adorable bow bead and clear gems.
Rose Gold Ariel's Seashell Steel Captive Bead Ring with adorable shell with clear gem.
Rose Gold Avice Opalescent Sparkle Captive Bead Ring with teardrop shaped bead covered in clear gems with a white fire opal center.
Check out more styles here:

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