The Difference Between Threaded & Threadless Jewelry


The Difference Between Threaded & Threadless Jewelry

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ย We're getting down to the bottom of Threaded Jewelry! From Externally Threaded to Internally Threaded to Threadless Jewelry! Which one do you need and which one is the best quality? Finally, we discuss it all from typical to best quality!

Externally Threaded Jewelry

Externally Threaded Body Jewelry is that has small screw threads at the end of the post of barbell. This is the most common and more typical to find than Threadless Jewelry. Externally Threaded Jewelry are best for Healed Piercings as the ends could be a little rough! The barbell or post passes through the flesh. To clarify, the skin can get caught on the Threaded screw on end, creating Discomfort and Irritation. Healed Piercings will not have Discomfort or pain with Externally Threaded Barbells.

After your Piercing fully heals, this type of jewelry is the easiest to find and the most affordable! In fact, Jewelers usually make Externally Threaded pieces in Stainless Steel. Its quite the typical and standard type of jewelry around. A jewelry piece may lack any specific labels. It is most likely Externally Threaded. Ultimately, Belly Rings, Labret Studs, Horseshoe Barbells, and more all can come Externally Threaded.

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Internally Threaded Jewelry

Internally Threaded Body Jewelry is where the screw threads are on the Decorative Ends instead of the Barbell. This allows for a fast, easy, and painless removal when changing out jewelry! Screw the two pieces on to secure them in your Piercing! This type of jewelry has a reputation for higher quality. This version is similar to External Threading. But the simple difference makes them worth it!

The edges of the Barbell are smooth! So many people seek out Internally Threaded body jewelry for fresh and healing Piercings! Jewelers specially craft Internally Threaded jewelry using better, longer lasting metals. For example, Implant Grade Titanium and 14 Karat Gold, similar to Threadless Jewelry. This jewelry is made to be daily wear! Flat back Studs, Navel Rings, Nipple Barbells and more, can all be made Internally Threaded.

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Threadless Jewelry

Threadless or Non-threaded Body Jewelry does not screw on. Instead, the tension of the center pin holds the two parts together. Slightly bend the pin for a more secure fit! Also named "Push Fit", these pieces push together for a secure closure. You can use Threadless Jewelry in Fresh Piercings, Healing Piercings, and fully healed Piercings. The Decorative Top Parts easily Interchange! So it's easy to mix n' match! Overall, OneFit top pieces are all Interchangeable no matter the gauge size of the Barbell. Make sure you know your size gauge before purchasing!

There is no need to take the barbell out of your Piercing when changing jewelry. You can simply mix and match jewelry tops with ease and without pain or Discomfort. People with various Piercings seek out this high quality jewelry. Especially since they typically use Implant Grade Titanium or 14K Gold! Belly Rings, Labret Studs, Industrial bars and more can all be made Threadless.

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Which Jewelry Threading Is For You?

Finally, all types of jewelry can come in these variations! Make sure you know which one you need and which one you're purchasing! From belly rings to flat back studs, you can find either of these types in stock. Our Pierced Posse typically like to use Externally Threaded for events and outfit matching. Internally Threaded for everyday use. And Threadless Jewelry for Mixing n' Matching! As soon as your fresh Piercing heals, you'll know exactly which type of Threaded Jewelry you need! (or Non Threaded!)


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