All about Septum Piercings


All about Septum Piercings

A Septum Piercing is a Nose Piercing on the inner Cartilage of the nose, between the two Nostrils. These Piercings are less painful than other Body Piercings! Such as Frontal Nose, or Eyebrow. Septum Piercings have been around for years, but are gaining popularity! A lot of things make Septum Jewelry inciting! You can completely hide it if you need to! And, they can adorn different kinds of jewelry. Horseshoe Barbells, Captive Bead Rings, Clickers, Tapers, and more can all be worn in a Septum Piercing! Let's get down to the bottom of Septum Piercings, Septum Stacking, and Stretching!


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Piercing Price

Cost depends on your State and City! Getting your septum pierced by a Piercing Professional can cost $40- $100 USD. Usually taking 2-3 months of healing time, your Piercing also depends on what body jewelry you pick and its materials. Most initial Piercings are done with Titanium. If you opt for the 14 Karat Gold ring, you'll definitely notice the price difference! As you go up in quality of the jewelry, the price of the Piercing also rises.

Piercing Pain

Septum Piercings aren't the worse pain when it comes to Piercings. Every body's pain threshold is different. Septum Piercings feel like a strong pressure or prick inside your nasal. This can cause tears to run down your eyes even if the pain isn't particularly too bad.


Professional Piercers typically use the generic sizes of 18ga (1mm) to 20 gauge (0.8mm) needles. Many times, the best size depends on individual nose anatomy and can sometimes go thicker to avoid rejection. Once healed, you can start changing your nose jewelry out for funner and more unique options! You can also start stretching your Septum Piercing as we've seen the trend of Septum Stacking grow the past year!

Septum Stretching and Stacking

Septum Stretching is the act of Stretching your Septum Piercing to accommodate more rings or bigger jewelry! A Septum Stack is a stack of rings that your Stretched Piercing holds on the daily! Many people stretch their Septums to an average of 2gauge (6mm) or larger! This can ultimately fit about 3-5 different septum rings inside!

Stretching your septum takes much more time than Stretching your Earlobes due to less flexibility in your nose. If you decide to start Septum Stretching, professionals recommends waiting at least 6 months before each stretch! Keep moisturized with a dab of jojoba oil and never rush the process! If it hurts too bad, you're probably not ready for the next size up yet! Never rush Stretching any Piercing due to risk of Piercing Blowout!

Septum Piercing Jewelry

Most initial Piercings are done with Implant Grade Titanium due to it's Hypoallergenic qualities. Its one of the most common metal materials used in Body Piercings. A close second is 14 Karat Gold and Stainless Steel. Have you ever had a reaction to a certain material of jewelry? You are very likely to have the same reaction getting pierced with the same metal. Avoid using any materials besides Titanium or 14k Gold for the first part of having a Septum Piercing. The most popular Septum Jewelry are Horseshoe Barbells, Clicker Rings, and Captive Bead Rings.

Jewelry for Fresh Piercings

Initial Piercings should be done with a high quality Hypoallergenic metal. After your Piercing, you should not switch out the jewelry until fully healed. Sometimes we can't wait for our Piercings to fully heal to adorn our favorite jewelry! In that case, we suggest opting for pure Implant grade Titanium as your first jewelry switch! This will keep your Piercing in good standing shape to heal without Keloids or Irritation! No one wants those!

Jewelry for Healed Piercings

Okay, here's the fun part! Your Septum Piercing has finally healed and now you can finally change out your jewelry! Yay! What are we choosing?! Something bright and colorful like Acrylic? Or maybe something more unique and natural like Buffalo Horn? The choice is up to you! But just remember! Is your Piercing healed?! It is still a great idea to clean your jewelry and site of the Piercing before switching body jewelry! Healed Piercings can start wearing different materials like Bio-flex, Acrylic, Glass, Bone and Horn, and other types of jewelry.

Septum Piercing Aftercare

Alright! Once you have your beautifully done Septum Piercing, the Aftercare begins! The healing process is different for many people depending on your bodily chemistry. Some Piercings may heal after 2 to 3 months! While it may take others 6 to 8 months for a fully healed Septum Piercing. The way you take care of your Healing iercing determines how your Piercing lives on!

We recommend to clean your fresh Piercing at least 3 times a day! Either with Aftercare Spray or using Aftercare Wipes. You can also do the D.I.Y. method! Using a mixture of warm water and sea salt is an affordable way to clean your Piercing wound. Make sure to wash your hands before you touch the Piercing or your nose jewelry. Limit moving around the jewelry in your Piercing to minimize the possibility of infection or Keloids!

Faux Septum Non-Piercing Jewelry

Afraid to go under the needle?! Don't be! We offer a huge variety of Faux Septum Jewelry as well as other Non-Piercing Hoops and rings. Get the look without the commitment! Have you done your research and finally decided to commit?! Now you'll know exactly how to take care of your new Piercing!

Now you've taken Septum Piercings 101!

Body Piercing Jewelry, no matter the material, will always require a little T.L.C. when jewelry changing or getting freshly pierced! We recommend keeping all Piercing jewelry away from moisture, and removal when swimming or other physical activities.
If you need to clean your jewelry, always use warm water and gentle soap. Never use alcohol or any chemicals, as they are harsh liquids and may cause discoloring! Always dry off your body and jewelry before putting it back in! Be sure to use a micro fiber cloth to avoid scuffing your new jewelry!


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