Understanding Solid Gold vs. Gold Plating in Jewelry


Understanding Solid Gold versus Gold-Plated Body Jewelry

Let's get down to our new Golden Arrivals! As we bring in our new Butterfly Labrets and Huggies, we wanted to get down to the bottom of GOLD! Our Piercing Posse and Pierced Pals always ask us the difference between Solid Gold Jewelry and Gold Plated Jewelry! We're here to help you figure out which option fits your lifestyle the best! Finally, let's get into it!

The Difference Between Solid Gold and Gold Plated Jewelry

Young woman wearing solid gold jewelry from BM25's 14k gold collection.

Price difference

The price difference between Gold Plating and Solid gold is quite a large gap! Solid 14k Gold can run you anywhere from $50- $500 and greater! Gold Plating over Stainless Steel can run about $5- $50 and greater depending on the piece. A middle ground, sweet spot is our Titanium PVD golden pieces which are also a form of golden coating. Titanium is slightly pricier than Gold Plated Steel, so you'll see very similar prices in that range. Prices always range on style, and other materials that get put into the jewelry piece! Like Fire Opals and Stones!

Uses of Gold Body Jewelry

Do you opt for jewelry that will last you years?! 14k Solid Gold or Plated Titanium should do it for you! But we know sometimes its fun to often switch up your jewelry to fun colors, and sparkly gems! If you're going to try out a new look or want to match your event makeup, Gold Plating is perfect! Plated colored metals are the easiest way to switch up your vibe!

Gold plated jewelry is awesome for Costume Jewelry. Typically it's used for jewelry that would be rather expensive if it was made in real solid gold. Nothing matches the look of 3-inch golden plugs or a mouth full of gold! But hey, that gets pretty pricey! The price per gram of Solid Gold is well over $70! Gold Plated body jewelry offers the golden look for a percentage of the price! Adding to commitment free mixing and matchin'!

If you had allergic reactions to Gold Plated Jewelry before, we suggest trying another metal! You may even need the real deal 14k Gold if you have very sensitive skin! If this sounds like you, not wearing jewelry for fear of the green ring of shame, you may be allergic! Instead, try only using our Implant Grade Titanium, Solid 14k Gold, or Sterling Silver. Every body is different! So see what works for your body and what doesnt!


14 Karat Gold Body jewelry from BM25.com

Piercing Placement and Metals

Many people opt for Solid Gold jewelry in placements that may be more sensitive to bacteria and infection. For example, someone may go for the Gold Plated Plugs because their stretched ears finally healed. Someone may grab a Solid Gold piece for their fresh healing Daith Piercing! A lot of the time, the placement can dictate what type of metal you should choose! All fresh Professional Piercings are in an Implant Grade Titanium or Solid 14 Karat Gold pieces to promote healthy healing!

Overly blinged out body jewelry can often come in Plated Gold or other Plated colors for style reasons. All body jewelry can become a victim of wear and tear! A Belly Ring with iridescent dangles is more likely to be bought in Stainless Steel with a Gold Coating. Wear and tear can be acquired by literally anything on this earth! Many prefer a gaudy piece of body jewelry in Gold Plating. In the end, it's not a large loss if broken or you lose it.

How to Care for your Gold Body Jewelry

Remember to always remove your Gold Plated Jewelry before swimming, any heavy sweat, and showers for the best wear! Of course our Body Jewelry is water proof! But all Piercing Jewelry, regardless of material, will require some TLC! After all, we don't want you to chip or scratch your jewelry faster than you can get bored of it!

Cleaning your jewelry is easy! One tip to remember, is to never use rough liquids to clean them! That includes Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, or other chemicals. This runs the risk of chips, peeling, or discoloring your Golden Plating. It even runs the risk of stripping your body jewelry's Threaded Parts! Instead, use warm water and soap if you need to clean them. Always dry your jewelry before putting it back in to avoid any bacteria build up or infections. Need your jewelry extra shiny? Try using a soft micro fiber cloth to polish and shine without messing up the metal. Therefore, no scratches here!

Woman wearing plugs with gold plating.

Now that you know the difference between Gold Plating and Solid Gold, we're positive you need both in your life! That's if you're a not a silver person! Go ahead and grab that new pair of plated plugs, just know how to take care of them! Golden anything is such a classic look, we understand why some people want their jewelry to last them literal lifetimes! But if you like to switch it up often, maybe Gold Plating is the perfect fit! Finally, let us know what you think!

Feel free anytime to message us any of your body jewelry questions! Send an email to Hello@bm25.com or simply stop by any of our social media profiles! Check out our other Piercing Blogs for more information!

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