Different Types of Nose Piercings


Different Types of Nose Piercings

Young woman with different nose piercing styles

 Here are some Nose Piercing Styles you might want to try! There's also a few that you might not even know about! We're here to talk about the healing procedures and possibilities of Different Nose Piercing Styles! From Nose Rings to Nose Studs, finally let's get into it! Be sure to let us know which one is your favorite!

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Nostril Piercing

The Nostril Piercing is the most common style of piercing after Earlobes. This is where the needle penetrates through either side of your Nostril Cartilage. You can get it on your Left or Right side depending on style preference! A Double Nostril Piercing involves piercing both the left and right sides of the nostril.

Healing Time: Healing time can take about 2-4 months depending on your anatomy and choice of initial jewelry. 

Sizing and Jewelry: Nostril Piercings are typically pierced with 20 gauge (0.8mm) to 16 ga (1.2mm) needles. These Piercings can wear Nose Pins (Nose Bones), L-shaped Studs, Nose Screws, Nose Rings, and Flat back Studs.


High Nostril Piercings

The High Nostril Piercing is very similar to the typical Nostril Piercings. The only difference is that the High Nostril piercing goes above the nostril crease in your nose. That's higher than where an average Nostril piercing would be placed. The High Nostril Piercing usually comes in pairs, like the Double Nostril Piercing.

Healing Time: Since this piercing goes through the thicker nose cartilage, the healing process can take about 6- 12 months!

Sizing and Jewelry: Ultimately, these piercings usually adorn Flat Back Studs, Nose Screws, or L-shaped Studs.


Septum Piercing

The Septum Piercing is another common Nose Piercing Style placement. Septum piercings go through the center cartilage between your nostrils, just above your lip.

Healing Time: They heal in 6 - 8 months depending on your anatomy and choice of initial jewelry. 

Sizing and Jewelry: They are typically pierced with a 18ga (1mm ) to 16 gauge (1.2mm) needle. This piercing can adorn Nose Rings and Hoops, for example, Horseshoe Barbells, Clicker Rings and Hoops, Tapers, and Captive Bead Rings


Vertical Nose (Rhino Piercing)

A Vertical Nose piercing, also known as a Rhino Piercing, is where the needle penetrates through the bottom center of the nose, out toward the tip of the top nose.  Because this piercing goes through much flesh and cartilage, the initial pain can last for more than 6 weeks.

Healing Time: This piercing can take 9- 12 months to heal and is more painful than other nose piercings.

Sizing and Jewelry: These piercings can typically support Curved Barbells comfortably. Because this piecing is uncommon and is dependent on anatomy, gauge sizes and lengths may differ person to person.


Nasallang Piercing

This piercing runs straight through one side of the nostrils, through the septum, and out through the other side nostril. They can be quite painful as the needle penetrates through the thickest part of the nose. Nasallang Piercings typically adorn Straight Barbells but can be a little versatile depending on your anatomy. This piercing is considered a High Nostril piercing since the typical placement falls closer to the bridge of the nose.

Healing Time: 2 to 3 months or longer to fully heal.

Sizing and Jewelry: Typically pierced with a 16 ga- 18 ga needle, in short, this piercing can comfortably adorn Straight Barbells.


Austin Bar Piercing

The Austin Bar piercings is very similar to the Nasallang! Both go though one of the thickest parts of the nose! Instead of being pierced higher and closer to the bridge, the Austin Bar is a piercing closer to the tip of the nose! This piercing also goes through the Septum cartilage and can also be quite painful! As this piercing passes through both nostrils and septum cartilage, this piercing also can take a longer time to heal.

Healing Time: The average time is 3-6 months but this piercing can take even longer to fully heal depending on anatomy.

Sizing and Jewelry: Typically pierced with a 16ga or 14ga needle, this piercing can adorn Straight Barbells comfortably but not Nose Rings and Hoops.



Septril Piercing

This piercing requires an already pierced AND stretched Septum, This piercing goes through the outer septum and out the tip of the nose. Once you stretch your septum piercing, you will be able to achieve this look and have enough room for this piercing. If you already have a septum piercing, the Septril piercing should not be much more painful!

Healing Time: This can take 4-6 months to fully heal.

Sizing and Jewelry: This piercing typically adorns Flat back studs as Nose Rings and Hoops will be an off or uncomfortable fit. This piercing is usually pierced with a 20 ga - 16 ga needle.


Bridge Piercing

You may not think of a bridge piercing as a nose piercing but it is a piercing that lays on the very top of the bridge of your nose! This piercing is symmetrical and horizontally goes through one side of the bridge and out the other!

Healing Time: After 2-3 months of healing time, you'll be able to switch out to funner jewelry!

Sizing and Jewelry: Usually pierced with a 12ga (2mm) to 14ga (1.6mm) needle. This piercing can therefore wear Straight Barbells, Curved Barbells, Nose Ring Hoops and more.


Third Eye (Surface or Dermal Piercing)

You may also not know but the Third Eye piercing can also be considered a nose piercing! This piercing is a little different from the other nose piercings! As most piercings have an entry way and exit, this one does not. It is a type of Dermal Piercing where the jewelry is inserted into the skin. This piercing sits above the bridge and is usually placed between the eyes.

Healing Time: This piercing only takes about 1-3 months to fully heal.

Sizing and Jewelry: Usually pierced at 12ga to 14ga. This piercing is a bit different than the others as it is a Surface Piercing. This piercing cannot wear rings or hoops, instead they can adorn Dermal Anchors with interchangeable tops!


Know your Nose!

 Have you found a new nose piercing style that you definitely want to get?! Meanwhile, just make sure you research a reputable piercer and know what their policy and prices are. Different types of nose piercings mean different types of jewelry! Make sure you have what you want in mind and know how much the jewelry you want cost and how to take care of it! Indeed, Happy Healing!

Finally, feel free anytime to message us any of your piercing or body modification questions to Hello@bm25.com or simply stop by any of our social media profiles!
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