Clear Piercing Retainers for Surgery and Work


 Clear Piercing Retainers for Surgery and Work

Clean piercing retainer body jewelry from

Got a new job? Going to special event, or are taking year book photos? Clear Piercing Retainer Jewelry has your back! Piercing Retainer body jewelry pieces are an easy and affordable way to hide your piercings wherever you go! They're water proof and Tarnish Free! The best part about them is that they're clear! You might want to finally grab a pack of Piercing Retainers if you're going to visit grandma this weekend! Especially if you have Facial Piercings!


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Clear Septum Piercing Retainers

Clear Septum Piercing retainer body jewelry

Septum Retainers come in different gauge sizes to accommodate your Stretched Septum. They are typically very similar to Horseshoe Barbells without the screw on endings. The Bio-flex material stays snug in your piercing. They lightweight and Hypoallergenic. These are perfect for hiding your piercings at work or other conservative events. Although Septum Retainers come in various colors, the Clear Piercing Retainer body jewelry is more versatile! They can additionally be used for Smiley and Nipple Piercings!


Curved Barbell Clear Piercing Retainers

Clear Curved Barbell piercing retainer

Curved Barbell Retainers can be used for Eyebrow Piercings, Lip Piercings, and different Ear Piercings. Sometimes having your Body Piercing Jewelry out too long will lead to a closed piercing hole! Stay safe and save money by using Retainers in your Lip Piercings and other Facial Piercings. These are also beneficial for surgery or other medical procedures. These do not show on x-rays and do not conduct electricity. This is a safer alternative than having a mouth full of metal while getting dental work done.


Labret Piercing Retainer Body Jewelry

Flat back labret clear piercing retainer

 Next, we have Labret Retainers, one of the most popular types of Retainers! People use these pieces in various Ear Piercings, Lip Piercings, Tongue Rings, and more! Just make sure to pick the right gauge size just like you would for your usual body jewelry! These are great for wearing during medical procedures if you have multiple ear or Facial Piercings.


Clear Nose Stud Piercing Retainers

 Nose Stud retainers are one of the most popular types of retainers! Since Nose Piercings are center for all to see, many people need a clear alternative for their professional lives. This is particularly a Nose Bone piece that slides in your Nostril Piercing. These can therefore be used to temporarily replace your everyday body jewelry, providing a safe alternative.

Clear Piercing Retainers: Essential for Surgery, Work, and Everyday Life

Whether called into a job interview or going to see family, clear Piercing Retainer jewelry is the perfect hideaway! Fortunately, you can easily conceal Body Piercings. Facial Piercings... not really. Finally, there's the easy and affordable way to hide your Piercings! Piercing Retainers are used for more than hiding Piercings! They're great for surgeries, medical procedures, dental work and more! Because they're so flexible, they're easy to work with and easy to clean! Since they're affordable, there's nothing to lose when trying them out! Don't miss out! Ensure to message us on our social media pages to receive a special discount code for your new jewelry.

Septum retainer body jewelry in 3 different colors.

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