Different types of Belly Button Piercing Jewelry Styles


 Different types of Belly Button Piercing Jewelry Styles

Young woman wearing a dangle belly ring style

Typical Belly Button Piercing Sizing: 16 gauge to 14 gauge and 10- 11mm length.

Standard Healing Time: 12- 24 months to fully heal before switching out initial jewelry.

Got a Belly Button Piercing?! Belly rings (or Navel rings) are a classic piercing that has been around since ancient times! They were popularized in the 90's and early 2000's by fashion icons and celebrities. But now there are more styles than ever before that you can choose from! But which one is right for your lifestyle? Were going to break down the different types of belly ring styles! Let's get into belly jewelry!

Basic Belly Ring Barbell

Basic Barbell belly ring style

The typical belly ring jewelry that you see is called a Belly Button Barbell. This is the most common type of jewelry you will see for your new Belly Piercing. These can come in different styles like Dangle or Non-Dangle. It consist of a Curved Barbell along with a removable screw-on top for easy insertion. Most Professional Piercers will use this style of jewelry for initial Belly piercings.

Belly Clicker Rings

Clicker Belly ring style

A Belly Clicker is a Belly Ring that does not consist of a screw-on top, instead it clicks closed. This style of Belly Piercing jewelry is similar to septum clicker rings as in that they both click to secure. Belly Clickers provide a chic and minimal aesthetic to the wearer. These are great to wear as daily wear and are less likely to get snagged on anything.

Dangle Belly Rings

A Dangle Belly Ring is Belly piercing jewelry that has additional charms, chains, gems, or other decorations hanging from the bottom of the Curved Barbell. Dangle Belly rings can be very versatile. These rings come in different styles, colors, and lengths. Additionally, they're able to be customized to fit your exact vibe of the day! Dangle Rings are not meant to be daily wear jewelry. The dangles may catch on your shower towels or blankets and clothes etc.

Reverse Belly Rings

A Reverse Belly Ring is a unique way to showcase your belly piercing. Instead of inserting the belly ring from the bottom of your belly button, Reverse Belly rings are inserted in the top piercing hole. They typically have a dangle or design hanging from the top of the navel ring. This style of belly ring usually covers the belly button itself for a more noticeable look!

Non-Dangle Belly Rings

Non dangle belly button piercing jewelry styles

A Non-Dangle Belly Ring is very similar to a basic belly barbell. Non-dangle Belly rings are basic Belly Barbells with some extra pizazz! There are no extra swinging charms or additional pieces hanging from the rings. Instead, they might have a still design that doesn't protrude out too much which is perfect for a simpler look. These belly rings are also less likely to be caught on anything, so they are great for daily wear.

Internally Threaded Belly Rings

Internally Threaded belly button piercing jewelry

Internally Threaded means that the screw or threaded part is on the decorative end rather than the barbell itself. This provides a more comfortable insertion for fresh and healing piercings. The threading of a belly piercing may catch or tug on the skin if not completely healed. Hence why Internally Threaded Belly ring styles are more sought out by those with sensitive skin or fresh piercings.

Gold and Titanium Belly Rings

14k Golden belly button piercing jewelry

14k Gold and Implant Grade Titanium became two of the top used metal materials for initial piercings. This is due to their hypoallergenic qualities and resistance to tarnish. 14 Karat Gold is shower and swim safe and so is Titanium. These materials are also less likely to cause irritation or aid with infection. Although these materials are the best for initial piercings, they should still be cleaned and taken care of. Make sure to keep good hygiene and avoid swimming while your piercing is still healing.

Pregnancy Belly Rings

Bio flex Pregnancy belly button piercing jewelry

 Pregnancy Belly Rings are an amazing invention! No longer do you need to take out your belly button jewelry during pregnancy! This often causes the piercing hole to close up, requiring a re piercing! Instead, Bio-flex Barbell Belly Rings are painless! They're super flexible and easily inserted and removed! The Bio-flex barbell moves and shapes to your growing belly so you don't have to close your cute belly button piercing hole!

Find Your Perfect Belly Ring Style

Which Belly Ring style fits you? Maybe all of them do! What's fun about belly piercings is that you can always change them up with outfit changes and for different occasions. In your Belly Piercing journey you might find that you prefer a certain style over another. Every body is different and we all have different curves and angles! So go out there and try out a few different styles you never know you might love Belly Clickers way more than the Dangle rings you've been wearing!


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More Belly Piercing Tips!

  • Stay out of lakes and oceans, hot tubs, and pools until your piercing is fully healed.
  • Do not change your initial piercing jewelry before your piercing is healed
  • Make sure the barbell you choose is the right sizing!
  • Clean your new piercing often with Saline Spray and Antibacterial wipes! Wash your piercings with warm water and gentle soaps.
  • Wash your hands before handling your new piercing jewelry!


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