Dermal Piercing 101


Dermal Piercings

If you’ve been considering getting a dermal piercing, here are some facts and tips you should know. Dermal piercings are single point piercings. They're also referred to as microdermal piercings and transdermal implants. What makes them unique is that unlike the majority of piercings, dermal piercings don’t have a separate entrance and exit point. The piercing actually lays flat on the surface of your skin. This look is achieved by placing a dermal anchor underneath the surface layer of your dermis. Once placed, you screw in a dermal top piece of jewelry. Dermal piercings are gaining in popularity among the younger generation. What makes them so trendy and desired is the fact that dermal piercings can be placed on nearly any flat surface of your body, so you can really get creative with your look.


A beautiful Spring Sparkle Flower Dermal Anchor Top with gorgeous Aurora Borealis GemsTribal Trinity Swirl Sparkle Dermal Anchor Top with clear gem in the center.

Stunning Fire Opal Flower Love Sparkle Dermal Anchor top with clear gems in the flowers petals and a fire opal center


The process of getting a dermal piercing begins like all piercings, the piercer will sterilize the area and mark the piercing point with ink. The next portion of the procedure is quite unique. Since there is no exit point, the piercer inserts an anchor by using a needle to create a pouch or dermal punch to remove a tiny portion of skin. After the skin is removed, a small hole is now present. You will have space to insert the dermal anchor. Once the anchor is inserted, the top piece of jewelry is screwed into the base. The pain level for receiving a dermal piercing will vary from person to person, with some saying it was the most painful piercing they have received and others saying it’s nothing more than a little pressure. The level of pain you will experience highly depends on the location of the piercing.


Implant Grade Titanium No-Hole Dermal Anchor Base with 14 gaugethreading that fits all of our dermal anchor tops.

Implant Grade Titanium 3-Hole Dermal Anchor Base with 14 gauge threading that fits all of our dermal anchor tops.
Implant Grade Titanium 2-Hole Dermal Anchor Base with 14 gauge threading that fits all of our dermal anchor tops.


Aftercare for dermal piercings is slightly different from regular piercings due to the small open wound and placement of the piercing. Depending on where you get it, it can be very easy to snag, and as we all know, snagging a fresh piercing is quite painful. You will want to use a saline solution spray like our Neilmed to ensure that the area stays clean. Antibacterial soap is fine too, just try your best to keep any chemicals fragrance and lotions away from the wound.

Your fresh piercing may turn crusty in the beginning, and that is a natural part of the healing process. You can use a cotton ball dipped in saline solution to gently remove the crust. Avoid picking at your piercing and keep your hands away from it. Even if washed, you still want to limit touching the piercing. You can cover the piercing with a fresh band-aid every time you clean it until fully healed. Healing time for a dermal piercing is usually between 1-3 months if you take proper care of it.


14 Karat Yellow Gold Star Dermal Anchor Top

Golden Biohazard Sparkle Dermal Anchor Top with a clear center gem.
Golden Grand Sparkle Flower Dermal Anchor Top covered in goregous clear gems.

 Switching out your jewelry

Once healed, you can switch your jewelry. You can go to the piercer to switch your jewelry out. If you can’t go to the piercer and need to change it yourself, make sure you wash your hands and piercing with antibacterial soap and use a saline spray. Next, you will gently twist the external jewelry to the left to loosen it. If you feel the anchor moving, you will want to use a tool called an anchor holder to keep it in place as you unscrew the jewelry. Now you will want to sterilize the new piece of jewelry and then screw the top piece into the anchor. You may need the help of dermal tools while working with such small pieces.

In conclusion, getting a dermal piercing is much simpler than you thought. The ability to express your style is endless with dermal piercings, so get creative and order yours today.

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