Lobe Piercing 101


A fun fact about earlobes is that they will continue to grow your whole life. Getting a lobe piercing is an easy way to ease into the piercing world. It’s estimated that 61% of adults have had a piercing, and 83% of those people had their earlobes pierced.


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The earlobe is a unique part of the ear, since it is the only part that is not made of cartilage. Your lobe is located on the lower fleshy part of the ear. Another fun fact is that there are two distinct types of lobes, you can either have attached lobes or detached lobes. What determines which one you have is whether your lobes are attached to your face or if they are free hanging.


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The procedure for a lobe piercing Is standard. First, the piercer will sanitize the area and mark the lobe with ink to ensure accurate placing. Next, they will take a piercing needle (typically 18-22 gauge) and pierce your lobe while inserting the jewelry right after. The pain level to be expected is only a 2-3 out of ten for most people. This is because the lobe is fleshy and although it has nerve endings, it has far less than your cartilage and is considered far less painful. The pain is usually described as a small pinch that Is over quickly.


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If you aren’t looking to go to a piercing shop to get your ears pierced, you can also get it done at one of the many kiosks that use piercing guns. You can actually purchase your own piercing gun and do the procedure at home. A piercing gun works by placing your lobe between the gun, where one end is a sharp post and the other is the backing. The gun shoots the sharp end through your ear, and it clasps into the back piece to keep the earring from falling out.


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Whether you use a needle or a gun, a small amount of blood can be expected, so don’t worry if you see a little blood. You are going to want to clean the piercing twice a day with a saline spray solution like our Neilmed. Makes sure to avoid touching the piercing unless you have just washed your hands. You can gently wipe away any crust that forms, but don’t pick at it. You will want to stay away from lakes oceans hot tubs and swimming pools until your piercing is completely healed. Having a clean pillowcase is also key to avoid infection. It can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks for your piercing to heal fully.


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Now that your lobes are healed, here comes everyone’s favorite part, getting to shop and switch out your jewelry. Whether you are looking for a simple look or a showstopping piece, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect earring for your individual style.

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